Kate Walsh and Phil Taylor: Apprentice Romance

Guess who reportedly hooked up when they were doing The Apprentice on BBC. It’s Kate Walsh and Philip Taylor. Says a source who blabbed some dirt to the Daily Mail:

‘Kate was flirting with some of the boys from day one and Phillip made it clear he was interested. He made a move and the pair got together after that.”

How predictable, no? The cute guy goes for the hot girl and vice versa. But the relationship reportedly didn’t last. Maybe it was just a showmance then? Or maybe it’s their strategy to win the board room wars?

Rachel Pascall: Apprentice Philip Taylor F*d Like a Mink
5 April 2009

Philip Taylor’s ex-girlfriend is dishing on their relationship. The ex is named Rachel Pascall and that’s her on the photo with Philip. She’s got really juicy things to say about the Apprentice hottie. Read her kiss and tell dish below.

The beginning:
“He knew how to treat a lady and always offered to pay for everything. Kate reportedly said he’s a bad kisser but I never noticed that. I thought he was a great kisser.

“I kept him waiting for three weeks before we had sex, then I gave in after a night out when we went back to his place.

“He was a very attentive lover and made sure he looked after me. He had a very good body. I loved his arms, his bum and his amazing eyes.”

They did it in the beach
“The sun was going down but there was still a lot of daylight and we were having a romantic walk along the beach.

“Philip started getting excited and said, ‘Can’t we just dive in and go for it?’ We got carried away and ended up in the water, taking off our bathing suits and going for it.

“The beach was busy and he got a real thrill from it. In fact he used to love skinny-dipping at any opportunity- he was an exhibitionist.

“It was much more fun for him if we were doing things in front of other people and not behind closed doors.

“I’d always go along with it-I used to call him a frisky animal.”

And up a tree:
“Loads of people were walking around, which is what we were doing.

“Then Philip got an idea in his head, and I decided to just roll with it. So we found a tree in a fairly quiet patch and climbed up on to a ledge formed by branches.

“He really got off on it, but we had to be careful not to lose our balance. It would have been very painful if we’d fallen off!”

Photo and info source: News of the World