Kaden Saylor in Jeans and Body-Hugging Shirt

Kaden Saylor Model in Jeans, Speedo, Underwear, and Shirtless Photos. Kaden Saylor is a gorgeous American guy whose face could be easily described as “angelic”. Seriously, we’re not exaggerating. There’s something about the guy that makes us think cherubims, seraphims, and people with wings dressed in all-white robes while playing flutes. It must be the blue eyes that makes him sooo… hmmm, doesn’t he look a bit like Matt Damon?

kaden saylor shirtless

Anyhoo, those of you who are fans of Kaden Saylor and, at the same time, fans of male fashion might be interested in what your idol is wearing and his sense of style.

Our Kaden sure knows how to dress to highlight his physical assets. He’s got a musculature to-die-for so going for a body-hugging shirt is the way to go.

kaden saylor model tight shirt

Are we the only ones wishing that we are that blue shirt hugging this hunk? Hehe.

kaden saylor hot body

Question: When should men wear a body-hugging shirt? Our answer: When they have a nice body for the shirt to hug. If you ain’t got the shape, go and get one; hit the gym, run two miles a day, do something physical that would make you lose some weight you don’t want to be carrying around. Don’t be like one of those ridiculous men with sagging beer bellies who wear tight shirts.

Speaking of tight, check out our Kaden’s white boxer-briefs. It’s an Emporio Armani underwear, in case you are wondering. That makes our boy “underwear buddies” with David Beckham, no? [Update: Sorry, we had to delete the photo.]

Okay, Beckham (who’s looking good in his white Speedos) lives in another universe so there’s no way he’ll be buddies with Kaden but our boy’s got him some buddies he goes to the beach with. Nice floral beach shorts you’ve got there, Kaden.

kaden saylor model with king cole

Who loves to play football on the beach? Our sporty Kayden and his pals, of course!

kaden saylor with cash and thomas

Quick, who of the guys below do not belong to the group. Kayden, of course, but only because he’s rocking a pair of cargo shorts while his friends are all wearing jeans.

kaden saylor model hot

This time his friend got the memo and also wore cargo shorts.

kaden saylor shirtless

Anyhoo, let’s end this post about Kaden Saylor with this photo of him, with another buddy, wearing a Speedo.

kaden saylor speedo

By the way, let’s try to answer some of the Googler questions asked by our visitors:

Is Kaden Saylor gay in real life: We think he is. He won’t be doing the kind of work he does if he’s not, isn’t it? [Update: Apparently not, he just do the stuff he does as a work thing.]

What is Kaden Saylor’s real name: We wish we know too. If anyone of you do, you might want to write it in the comment section. [Update: He’s got an IRL name page on Facebook. We decided to not reveal it here because we think he wants to separate his personal life from his work life.

Is Kaden Saylor married: We honestly don’t know. [Update: He’s in a relationship with a girl and they have a child together.]

How Tall is Kaden Saylor: We read somewhere that he’s 5’11”. Not sure if it’s accurate.

Kaden Saylor Model in Jeans, Speedo, Underwear, and Shirtless Photos. Posted 5 April 2009. Last updated: November 15, 2019 at 4:33 am.