Jwan Yosef Shirtless, Underwear, Gay Boyfriend Ricky Martin

Jwan Yosef Shirtless, Underwear, Ricky Martin, and Other Stuff. Apparently, our Ricky has got himself a boyfriend. His name is Jwan Josef. He is a painter. He’s originally from Syria (Kurdish) but he grew up in Sweden and is now based in London. His name reportedly means handsome, beautiful, and young. The guy sure is gorgeous and is living up to the meaning.

jwan yosef arab hunk2

Here’s our first Jwan Yosef shirtless photo for those of you who are lookin’.

jwan yosef hot ricky martin boyfriend

Another one. Damn ain’t he totally shaggable!

jwan yosef shirtless3

Jwan poses for a photo in his boxer briefs underwear. [Related: Ricky Martin Underwear]

jwan yosef underwear - boxer shorts

Aww! Who says grown ups can’t have fun under the sun?


Jwan and boyfriend Ricky Martin. They sure look good together, don’t they?


Who is older between these two? Ricky or Jwan? Well, Ricky is born in 1971 while Jwan is born in 1984 so Ricky is older than Jwan. But, with Ricky’s everlasting boyish looks, you sure can’t tell can you?


Anyhoo, here are some things we learned about Jwan from his interview with umagmag.com:

You look like a well-built rugby or American football player. I always feel uncomfortable seeing photos of Bjarne Melgaard. How does it feel to be ripped and artistic? “It’s funny you say, these things don’t go unnoticed. Suffering and sacrifice is a big part of artistic development, and in most cases the body is the first to go. In my head, in order to keep my mind going, I need to keep my body going. It is vanity as much as it is health. One sticks out, no doubt, in having this build⎯and not always in the best way. The art world is very much tied to rules and manners, and, surprisingly, looks play a big role. I don’t necessarily fit the model.”

Have you taken a lot of inspirations from bodybuilding, fitness, and the military? How have they influenced you beyond being references for your work? Totally. My subject matter early on had been all about masculine extremes: steroids, the military, and so on. All references to my own work would be from own experiences of gender ideals.

What is a regular day at the gym for you? I’m super lazy at the gym, I nip in and out. Do a quick work out, clear my head, and head back.

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