Justin Timberlake Underwear: Boxers or Briefs?

Justin Timberlake Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? Ahh, it’s time for another male celebrity underwear boxers or briefs question: does Justin Timberlake wear boxers or does he wear briefs? Well, he’s wearing boxers in these photos. And they’re not any boxer, they’re freaking maroon boxers underwear. Freaking, yeah?

justin timberlake underwear

This is the first time we see a maroon-colored underwear ever.

justin timberlake underwear boxer briefs

Anyhoo, these underwear pics of our Justin is taken from the set of his movie, Friends with Benefits, which he is currently filming.

justin timberlake underwear hot or not

Oh, check out Justin Timberlake’s Speedo below if you haven’t seen it yet.

Update: The above photos were taken by the paparazzi while Justin was shooting a scene fro the movie Friends With Benefits. Here’s an image from the movie.

justin timberlake underwear - friends with benefits

Our Justin and an older guy dine in their underwear. Why? We do not know because we still have to watch the movie. Hehe.

Apparently, there’s another scene from the same movie where the actor also strips to reveal his boxer briefs underwear. Here you go:

justine timberlake underwear friends with benefits

Lastly, check out our Justin dressed in a dance leotard as he plays backup dancer to Beyonce for her Single Ladies performance on Saturday Night Live.

justin timberlake leotard snl single ladies

Pretty cool, huh?


Justin Timberlake Shirtless and Speedo Photos
19 July 2008

justine timberlake shirtless

Haha. Justin Timberlake is so unsexy in this picture from the Love Guru. What about Bruce Lee behind him? Now that guy is sexy. But we gotta give props to Justin for his ability to make fun of himself. You gotta be confident in yourself to wear Speedos as he does in the next photos.

Again, these images are from the movie, The Love Guru.

justin timberlake speedo love guru

Justin in his Speedo swimsuit.. Oh wait, he is not actually wearing a Speedo. We can see the Swoosh so this swimsuit is made by Nike. Hey Justin, are you gonna serve us breakfast?

Justin Timberlake Underwear (Friends With Benefits) and Speedo Photos (Love Guru). Posted 22 August 2010. Updated 29 May 2017.