Justin Hartley Shirtless, Underwear, Awards, Girlfriend Photos

Justin Hartley Shirtless, Underwear, Awards, Girlfriend Photos. If you thought Justin Hartley was just a pretty face, well, you should re-think that thought because our hunky imaginary beau has proven himself to be a very good actor too! You want proof? Well, he is a two-time Screen Actors Guild awardee. Sure, it is an ensemble award for the This is Us cast and its not a solo trophy but he is one of the reasons why the critically acclaimed show worked for six seasons. Anyhoo, here’s the actor with co-stars Milo Ventimiglia and Logan Schroyer posing with their SAG trophies.

justin hartley acting awards

justin hartley awards - sag

On the relationship front, the actor is now married to Sofia Pernas who was his costar in The Young and the Restless. They tied the knot in 2021 following his divorce with Chrishell Stause.

justin hartley wife - sofia pernas

Want more underwear pics of our classically good looking actor? Here’s one from the movie Bad Moms’ Christmas where he plays a stripper slash hot Santa.

justin hartley underwear - bad moms christmas

And, here are more shirtless pics of a young Justin because why not.

justin hartley gay or straight

justin hartley young shirtless

Justin Hartley Gay or Straight in Real Life (7 December 2016). Our gay friend Kevin wishes Justin Hartley is gay but the gorgeous actor is as straight as an arrow. He did play a gay man on Revenge though. In fact, as we noted on our post on Gabriel Mann, our Justin went kissy-kissy with his male co-star. Unfortunately, we can only show these before-the-kiss pics because Grandma Akita has become censorious these days.

justin hartley gay kiss with gabriel mann - revenge2

justin hartley gay kiss with gabriel mann - revenge

Justin Hartley Married or Single? He is engaged to his Young and the Restless co-star Chrishell Stause. Here’s the happy couple and their engagement ring.

justin hartley engaged wedding fiancee

Justin Hartley Shirtless and Underwear Photos. This section is for those of you who want ogling at our Justin’s hot manly body. Don’t we all want to look at his hot shirtlessness?

justin hartley shirtless body

justin hartley shirtless in jeans

Does he prefer boxers or briefs? Apparently, the Justin Hartley underwear choice is boxer shorts. [Update: After posting this, we found out that this photo is actually a fake one. Someone photoshopped Justin’s head to an adult actor’s body. Very good fake pic, eh?]

justin hartley underwear boxer shorts

Whether shirtless or clothed, there is no denying that our Justin is sizzling hot.

justin hartley in jeans

Justin may be having his biggest career moment these days because his NBC drama, This is Us, is one of the legit TV hits this season. We hope that this means we will be watching him on prime time for years to come.

Justin Hartley Underwear Update. The pic we posted above but we’ve got a better here’s a better one of Justin getting wet in his pink boxer shorts.

justin hartley underwear pink boxer shorts

You want the video version, don’t you? Of course you do! [Update: Sorry, we had to delete the video.]

justin hartley underwear boxer briefs

You gotta appreciate Ellen for doing this stuff on her show. Is she the perviest talk show host on television? Who is her male equivalent who does stunts like these? Just asking, not hating. Hehehe. Seriously, we love Ellen and this stuff make good TV.

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