Justin Gaston Shirtless, Underwear, Young Male Model

Justin Gaston Shirtless, Underwear, Young Male Model. Wow! Talk about proving us wrong! Did you know that turned out to be a fine and upstanding man and that he’s not just some silly frat boy and f*ckboi? We apologize for judging him in the past based on his modeling photos where he’s posing in various states of undress. Hehe. Anyhoo, he’s an actor now and is very much a family guy.

justin gaston wife melissa ordway

Back in 2012, Justin tied the knot with actress Melissa Ordway and, according to wiki, the couple are now the proud parents of two girls. Melissa is also in the acting biz and the two met while filming the 2011 movie Escapee. Here’s another photo from their wedding:

justin gaston wedding

And here are more recent photos of Justin which we grabbed from his Insta (follow him @jmichaelgaston). He’s still hot as hot can be and growing older makes him even more, to use the words of our friend Deena, desire-inducing.

justin gaston now and then2

justin gaston now and then

justin gaston now - wife

And here are some of his early modeling photos to replace the very racy ones we published years ago but which we had to either delete or censor because we’re forced to do so by Grandma Akita. Hehe.

justin gaston leather pants

justin gaston speedo

justin gaston shirtless model

justin gaston model body hair

justin gaston snail trail

justin gaston shirtless abs

Black vs. White Men’s Underwear: Justin Gaston, Male Model (25 August 2010). Here’s a perfect example of what we’ve been saying about the different effects of black vs. white underwear for men. We said that black underwear tends to de-emphasize the male “instrument” while white ones tend to showcase it.

In this case, we have the same guy — Justin Gaston aka Miley Cyrus’ ex-boyfriend — who looks more “impressive” in his white Hugo Boss underwear (update: sorry, we had to censor it upon the orders of our Grandma Akita) than in his black one.

justin gaston underwear hugo boss

justin gaston underwear model

So go for white undies if you don’t want to hide your package. Another modeling pic of Justin below:

justin gaston underwear model

Justin Gaston in Torn Jeans and Track Pants(20 February 2009). Eh, Justin, are you trying to bring back the era of torn jeans. Yuck, torn jeans are the stupidest thing that people wore in the 80s/90s.

justin gaston model

We love, love, love you in your track pants though. Very hawt! Very nice abs. And we are a big fan of your treasure trail.

justin gaston shirtless hunk

Justin Gaston Gay Male Model (9 December 2008). Is underwear model Justin Gaston a friend of Dorothy? Sure he is reportedly dating Miley Cyrus but why is he “wrestling” in his Calvin Klein underwear with some dude. Both of them are very bendable too! But then again, male friends normally do this kind of thing right? Right? Seriously, haven’t you played around in your underwear with your buddies? [Update: Apologies, we had to delete some photos referred to in this post.]

justin gaston gay

Awww. You two should become mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters and join the UFC. But, then again, maybe the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a better fit. Joke. Joke.

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