Justin Deeley Underwear, Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend?

Justin Deeley Underwear, Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend? Six years after we wrote this post, we are updating it to note that our Justin has grown some facial hair and, boy, did his hotness score went up to the heavens. It really, really suits him. He was already hot back but his hawtness now is on another level. You don’t believe us? Check him out:

justin deeley hot beard facial hair

Currently, the actor is in a relationship with actress Christina Scherer. Here’s a pic of the lovebirds on a date:

justin deeley girlfriend Christina Scherer

Justin Deeley Underwear and Shirtless Photos (posted 23 September 2014). What do you think of Justin Deeley and his 2xist squarecut underwear? We love squarecut undies but we love, love, love Justin Deeley more! We first became aware of Justin when he portrayed the role of a fun loving guardian angel on Drop Dead Diva.

Justin Deeley underwear 2xist

Too bad the show is not coming back for a seventh season as it was cancelled by the powers-that-be. Anyhoo, if you’re a Justin Deeley superfan, you’d be happy to know that he’s cast in a movie called Total Frat Movie which is scheduled for release sometime this year or in 2015. He will be co-starring with Nick Bateman, Tom Green, Rebecca Dalton, and many more.

Is Justin Deeley Gay or Straight? We think he’s straight but the peepz at gayorstraight.com think he is gay. Here’s their rating for the 28-year-old actor: “Justin Deeley gaydar: According to 267 visitors Justin Deeley is 69% gay. The average gay-rating on gay-or-straight.com is 69%, which means Justin Deeley has been voted highly gay.”

Whatever his sexual orientation, we give props to Justin for playing a gay football jock in the movie Geography Club. Here’s Kevin and co-star and onscreen lover Cameron Deane Stewart.

justin deeley cameron deane - gay lovers - geography club

The two share a passionate kiss in the rain:

justin deeley cameron deane gay kiss3

You want a close-up, don’t you?

justin deeley cameron deane gay kiss2

In an interview about his role in Geography Club with thebacklot.com, Justin talks about how things have changed for the better in the gay community:

JD: From an actor’s perspective, do you think there is trepidation any more in taking on gay roles? Things have definitely shifted.

JD: I think that’s a positive thing as far as society is concerned. Twenty years ago, it would be very cautious for an actor to make that kind of statement with a role, but now it says a lot about how we’re growing as a society. For me, personally, it’s more so about the story that is being told because I don’t know if this had been done as some joke or a raunchy comedy about dealing with homosexuality in high school that I would have been so glad to jump on. For me, it’s about the story that’s being told and it just so happened that he’s gay. One of my big insecurities and one of my fears in playing Kevin, I had no idea what being in a situation like that was like and I didn’t want to come off as a guy trying to play this idea.

But I read a lot of books about what it’s like to come out and the struggles with it. It was also beneficial to me that I have friends who are gay who were kind enough and gracious enough to share their stories with me of what they’ve been through, especially in high school, and it really opened up my eyes to just how delicate and how scary it could be. I think being able to talk to people who have lived through it was the biggest benefit to me.

Is Justin dating anyone at the moment? Does he have a girlfriend? We don’t know. It seems like he is blessedly single. But we will update this post if the relevant info becomes public.

Justin Deeley Underwear Photos. Now, we would be re-miss in our duty to bring you more Male Celebrity Underwear Photos, if we don’t publish this pics of Justin modeling for International Jock.

justin deeley shirtless

What do you like better, Armani Exchange underwear …

Justin Deeley squarecut underwear armani2

… or Calvin Klein?

justin deeley underwear by calvin klein

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