Justin Bieber Jackie Chan are Happy Superfriends, Yay!

Justin Bieber Jackie Chan are Happy Superfriends, Yay! Hollywood superfighter Jackie Chan and Canadian pop artist Justin Bieber may not be the bestest of friends but this doesn’t mean they can’t hang out right? Absolutely. But then again, who says they can be the bestest of friends when they look genuinely happy together.

justin bieber jackie chan friends

We wonder how the above photo came about? It is likely that Justin is a superfan of the older actor and that he watched Jackie’s amazing movies when he was growing up. So Justin sought out Jackie to have a picture with him.

On the other hand, it is also possible that Jackie’s kids are superfans of The Bieber and so Jackie took a picture with the Canadian singer to show to them. For the record, we do not know if Jackie has children of Bieber’s demographic.

Anyhoo, whatever the events that led to the above photo, we are loving the genuine smile going on between these two. It is as if they are telling us that all is right with the world. What about you, what say you of the above Justin Bieber Jackie Chan pic.


Now, what’s that cool vest Justin is wearing, you ask? That, good friend, is a G-Star Raw Chuck Over Vest.


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Justin Bieber Jackie Chan are Happy Superfriends, Yay! Posted 8 September 2010. Udpated 29 May 2017.