Jussie Smollett Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

Jussie Smollett Gay or Straight? Jussie Smollett plays a gay guy on TV but what is his sexual preference in real life? Is he gay, straight, bisexual, questioning, or curious? Well if you believe our friends at gayorstraight.com, the 31-year-old Brazilian-born American actor is “quite straight”. More from said site:

Jussie Smollett gaydar: According to 177 visitors Jussie Jussie Smollett is 47% gay. However, the average gay-rating on gay-or-straight.com is 69%, which means Jussie Jussie Smollett is very straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

So there you go! We must say that we agree with the above rating, by the way.

We can’t find any info on Jussie’s current relationship status such as whether he is dating anyone — a boyfriend or a girlfriend. In the past however, he reportedly dated Raven Symone according to dating history website famousfix.com.

Oh wait, didn’t Raven come out last year as a lesbian? Well, well, now it is getting interesting. Maybe there’s truth to the rumor that Jussie and Raven had a baby together through artificial insemination? From bossip.com:

This dude up top with Raven Symone is supposedly Jurnee Smollet’s gay brother, Jussie Smollet. Well, we received a tip stating that he donated his sperm to his best friend Raven and she NOW has a baby girl.

It’s been nearly six years since Bossip published the above story and we’re going to put it in the “unsubstantiated rumor” column. First of all because Raven denied that she ever had a baby and Bossip has not substantiated their report with an actual baby.

Anyhoo, here are fabulous shirtless photos of Jussie who’s currently starring in Empire, one of the biggest hits in television. Ain’t he hawt?

Jussie Smollett shirtless - sexy body

Here’s Jussie as Jamal Lyon kissing TV boyfriend Rafael de la Fuente who plays the role of Michael Sanchez.

Jussie Smollett Rafael de la Fuente  gay kiss

In an interview with xfinity.com, here’s what he says about watching himself on TV:

How have you felt watching yourself in the show?
JS: I’ve really enjoyed it. Usually I’m really hard on myself and so I try not to watch it too much because I’ll be picking at it but it’s odd because when I watch Empire I’m able to get lost in the show because I love the show that much. I always say, I would watch Empire whether I was on it or not. I love the show and I feel like it’s really a good piece of work. I just love it. So I’m able to step outside of it and just watch the show. There’s always that first time when you watch it and you go ‘Aw, they used that edit.’ Then you have to take yourself out if it and go, ‘That was a great episode.’

That’s it for now fellow Famewatchers!