Juan Pablo Montoya Tag Heuer Watch and Oakley Sunglasses

Juan Pablo Montoya Tag Heuer Watch and Oakley Sunglasses. What are some advantages of being a Tag Heuer ambassador like Colombian Formula 1 drive Juan Pablo Montoya? Well, sometimes you find yourself sandwiched by pretty girls.

juan pablo montoya tag heuer


juan pablo montoya tag heuer watch

Tag Heuer signed Montoya as one of their brand ambassadors back in 2005 but their contract might have expired because we no longer see his name in the company homepage. Anyhoo, here’s Juan Pablo doing his duties as an ambassador back in 2005.

juan pablo montoya tag heuer watch

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Juan Pablo Montoya’s Oakley Driving/Racing Shoes & Sunglasses
28 October 2011

Check out Montoya’s badass sunglasses named after him the Oakley Gascan Juan Pablo Montoya Signature Series.

juan pablo montoya oakley

Speaking of badass, is there anything more badass than Montoya’s Oakley racing/driving shoes? The Oakley race shoes boast of the following specs:

  • Formula One FIA approved Professional Grade racing footwear of 100% engineered construction
  • Patented CarbonX® flame-resistant lining outperforms all known standards on the NFPA 2112 Flame Resistant Garments testing protocol
  • Self-extinguishing split suede with durable mudguard of synthetic leather
  • High-grip NBS vulcanized rubber outsole, optimized for tactile response on race pedals
  • Low-density advanced polymer EVA midsole for heel support and resilient shock absorption
  • CarbonX® batting and fire-retardant leather heel counter / inner sole for added protection

Montoya ready to kick ass. Update: Oops, sorry, we lost the photo of Montoya about to kick ass with his Oakley racing shoes.

Montoya resting after a tough race (we think anyways).

juan pablo montoya oakley race shoes

Let’s have a closer look at one of Montoya’s Oakley race shoes.

juan pablo montoya shoes

Before you think we only care about Juan is wearing, we’d like to tell you that we care about his family too. Check out this beautiful photo of the champion racer with his son, Sebastian.

juan pablo montoya son

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