Josh Swickard Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding Photos

Josh Swickard Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding Photos. We are suckers for Christmas movies and we gotta give Netflix props for giving us what we want. So far we’ve enjoyed watching this year’s new offerings such as Princess Switch: Switched Again, Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the the Square, and the TV series Dash and Lily.

We still have to watch Kurt Russell’s second Christmas Chronicles installment but we are reserving that for Christmas day itself to watch with family and friends.

Anyhoo, a Christmas movie we’re looking forward to watching is A California Christmas which stars the gorgeous Josh Swickard as a, per Radio Times, “big city executive who is challenged by his boss to convince a reluctant farmer to sell her land to their corporation. Succeed and he will be promoted to President of Acquisitions. Fail and their deal falls apart.”

Now, we are totally against city executives going up against reluctant farmers so sorry Josh, you are beautiful to look at but we are not gonna root for your city slicker character. Haha. Speaking of how gorgeous the actor is, here are some shirtless and underwear photos we grabbed from around the internets.

Josh Swickard abs

Want more celebrity washboard abs?

Josh Swickard body abs

If it ain’t obvious in his photos, Josh actually started out as a male model before he crossed over to the world of acting. To date, he has six acting credits to his name on IMDB the most prominent of which is the soap opera General Hospital.

Josh Swickard body in jeans

If you want to ogle more at the actor’s gorgeousness, follow him on Instagram @joshswickard.

Josh Swickard hot

Josh Swickard model actor

Josh Swickard shirtless body

Josh Swickard shirtless in jeans

Josh Swickard underwear swimwear model

Josh Swickard Gay or Straight? He is straight and is very much married. In fact, her wife Lauren is also in the acting biz and is his co-star in A California Christmas. The couple starred in another Netflix movie, Roped, about a cowboy who falls in love with a politician’s daughter.

In an interview with, Lauren reveals that they met and fell in love on the set of the cowboy movie: “The first time I met Josh was only two days before filming started because he wasn’t actually the first choice for Colton. The other person didn’t know how to ride horses so they ended taking Josh, and I’m so thankful about that.”

Awww. Ain’t that cute!!!

Josh Swickard gay or straight - with wife lauren

The two tied the knot in July 2019 and here are photos from their wedding day. Yay. What a beautiful couple.

Josh Swickard wedding

Josh Swickard wife lauren aka lorynn york

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