Josh Sharp Gay or Straight, Boyfriend or Girlfriend, Shirtless Photos

Josh Sharp Gay or Straight, Boyfriend or Girlfriend, Shirtless Photos. Ever since The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah got himself a girlfriend — see Trevor Noah Jordyn Taylor — we’ve been on the lookout for a geeky and funny guy to replace Trevor as our imaginary politically-astute boyfriend. We think we found him in the person of Josh Sharp.

josh sharp comedy central

Geeky? Check! Funny? Check! But is he politically astute? Well, he won’t be hired by The Opposition With Jordan Klepper as one of its citizen journalists if he is the clueless kind of guy, no?

More about Josh from his Comedy Central profile:

Josh Sharp has been performing at UCB since 2009. At the UCB, Josh premiered the long-running musical, F*cking Identical Twins, alongside frequent collaborator, Aaron Jackson. F*cking Identical Twins was optioned as a musical feature by Twentieth Century Fox with Chernin Entertainment aboard to produce. Jackson and Sharp also co-created, co-wrote and co-starred in Jared & Ivanka, a Funny-Or-Die web series. Sharp hosts UCB’s monthly experimental comedy show Cool Shit/Weird Shit and was included in Vulture’s 2015 List of “Comics You Should Know” and was named a “Comic to Watch” by Time Out New York in 2014. Sharp is represented by UTA and Kirsten Ames Management.

Josh Sharp Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? Is our new imaginary boyfriend gay or straight? Does he have a girlfriend or boyfriend? Well, we do not know what his orientation is but we are inclined to believe that he is a friend of Dorothy.

josh sharp gay comedian

Seriously, he is pretty gay, no?

Josh Sharp Gay or straight

As to whether he has a girlfriend or boyfriend, we do not know. But he seems to be more than friendly with his pal Aaron Jackson. Hehe.

Josh Sharp boyfriend girlfriend

Our favorite photo of The Opposition citizen journalist.

Josh Sharp the opposition

Josh Sharp Shirtless Photos. For those of you looking for shirtless photos of our media cutie. Not bad, no?

Josh Sharp shirtless cluckcluckjoshsharp

We grabbed these images from Josh’s Instagram page which you might want to follow @cluckcluckjoshsharp.

Josh Sharp shirtless

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