Josh Henderson Underwear: Does He Like Boxers or Briefs

Josh Henderson Underwear and Speedo Photos. Seven years later, we are updating this post to bring you this photo of our Josh looking fabulous in a pair of blue Speedo swimsuit. Apparently, it’s from a direct-to-DVD movie called Leeches which, according to the actor’s wikipedia page, is his first movie ever. Want more male celebrity Speedo?

josh henderson speedo leeches

Josh Henderson Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? (26 January 2013). Who is hotter, John Ross Ewing III (played by Josh Henderson) or his Dallas rival Christopher Ewing (played by Jesse Metcalfe)? We think we are going to give the edge to Christopher but only because we don’t like John Ross III’s mustache. If the producers wanted us to dislike the character because of his silly mustache, then they clearly succeeded.


In real life however, we are giving Josh Henderson the edge over Jesse Metcalfe. Why? Because the former takes pictures of himself wearing his underwear and shares it to his fans. Oversharing millenials, how can one not love them? Now, if you have abs as toned as Josh’s wouldn’t you also share pics of it to the public?

Dallas would not be complete if there are no underwear scenes featuring our Texan hunk (did you know that he actually does come from Dallas?) and, wisely, the producers usually have Josh (or JR III) in his underwear — whether in boxer shorts as you see in this scene:

josh henderson underwear dallas boxer shorts

Or in boxer briefs as seen in the screencaps below:

josh henderson dallas underwear

josh henderson underwear boxer briefs in dallas

Does Josh Henderson have a girlfriend or is he gay? Our Josh is apparently a ladies’ man who dated practically all the young ladies in Hollywood from Paris Hilton, to Ashlee Simpson, to Kaley Cuoco, to Ashley Greene to … you’ve got the idea. He is reportedly single now so you have a chance, ladies. Just don’t google him because he says its a turn-off.

From US Magazine: “I want to date someone who likes who I am as a person and not what I do for a living. I understand that it kind of comes with the territory, but I try to gauge who they are as a person. If they start asking a lot of questions about what I do, that’s a bit of a red flag for me. I almost find it very attractive when a woman has no idea who I am.”

Good luck with that, Mr. Henderson. You may have to go to Timbuktu to find a girl who has no idea who you are.

Is Josh Henderson gay? Nah. Likely not. The netizens of only give him a 57% gay rating which means that “Josh Henderson is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities”.

Josh Henderson Wedding? Wait, did he tie the knot? Who is the lucky lady? Nah, he did not get married. This is just a still photo from his TV show, The Arrangement, which unfortunately lasted for only two seasons. For those of you wondering, the lady is his co-star Christine Evangelista who was the lead of the show.

josh henderson wedding - married

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