Josh Duhamel Underwear: Boxer Briefs, Classic Whites, and Speedos

Josh Duhamel Underwear Update. You think we’re done giving you updates on the underoos worn by our imaginary boyfriend? Of course not! So long as he keeps giving us something to blog about, we will be updating this post.

Do you know that he is starring in an upcoming Netflix series called Jupiter’s Legacy? We are not keeping our hopes up because Netflix has been hit and miss (mostly miss) with its sci-fi projects but we are keeping our fingers crossed that it will be a good watch. At the very least, we hope the series’ showrunners will continue the tradition of giving us scenes of Josh in his underoos.

You know, like this one from the 2016 movie Spaceman where he suddenly takes off his clothes during a meeting:

josh duhamel underwear - white briefs - spaceman

josh duhamel underwear - white briefs - spaceman2

And here’s Josh in classic white briefs from a scene in the 2016 movie Lost in the Sun:

josh duhamel underwear - classic white - lost in the sun3

josh duhamel underwear - classic white - lost in the sun2

Rocking a pair of red swimwear in the 2013 comedy Movie 43.

josh duhamel underwear - red speedo movie 43

josh duhamel underwear - red speedo movie 43-2

And back when he was younger, here’s our Josh in swimsuit and a pair of tighty whities from the 2004 movie The Picture of Dorian Gray where he played the titular character.

josh duhamel speedo - dorian gray

josh duhamel underwear - tighty whitie - picture of dorian gray

And, finally, a closer look at Josh’s boxer briefs in Win a Date With Tad Hamilton which we’ve already mentioned in our earlier post below.

josh duhamel underwear - boxer briefs - win a date with tad hamilton

Josh Duhamel Underwear (22 March 2017). We should have added this years ago but, as they say, it is better late than never. Ahyhoo, here’s our Josh in a pair of white boxer shorts.

josh duhamel boxer shorts underwear win a date with tad hamilton

The photo is from the 2004 movie Win a Date With Tad Hamilton. Can you recognize the other guys? They are famous in their own right too. For those of you who have vision problems, the guy on the right is Sean Hayes but the other one on the left is Nathan Lane.

Josh Duhamel Underwear Preference: Boxer Shorts, Boxer Briefs, and Speedo Briefs (17 April 2010). Looking for photos of Josh Duhamel in his underwear? Well, we kinda saw his white underwear (its a boxer!) in an earlier post [see Celebrity Board Shorts] but these new photos are far more interesting. That Fergie girl sure is a lucky dudette, isn’t she?

josh duhamel underwear

Anyhoo, we gotta admit that Josh is technically wearing swimwear rather than his undies but, hey, men’s underwear and swimwear are practically the same, no?

josh duhamel swimwear

josh duhamel swimsuit

Want more male celebrity underwear? Or do you want more Josh Duhamel fashion?

Wait… There’s More Josh Duhamel Underwear (posted: 31 October 2011). If you watched Josh’s 2010 rom-com movie, Life as We Know It, you’d have seen our Josh walk around in his sexy tight boxer briefs. He looks so fabulous in them undies that the movie marketing department decided to use it as their promo material.

josh duhamel underwear boxer briefs in Life as We Know It

Obviously, the marketing guys were hoping to capture the demographic that’s into Josh Duhamel undies and it worked very well as the movie went on to gross US$ 105 million worldwide. For a movie that cost US$ 38 million, that’s a good return on investment, right?

Josh Duhamel Underwear: Speedo Briefs. Oops, before we get stuck talking about movies and not Josh’s undies, here’s our handsome hunk in a tight tight Speedo swim trunks.

josh duhamel speedo

We saved the best for last, didn’t we?

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