Josh Bowman Shirtless: Gay or Girlfriend, Boxers or Briefs Underwear

josh bowman sexy chest hair2

Josh Bowman Shirtless Photos. Does British actor Josh Bowman have the hottest chest hair in Hollywood or what? We sure think he does. We like our men to not shave their hairy chest but we like it better when the hair is trimmed as Josh must have done in the the photo above or in this next photo:


Or in this one:


And this one:

joshua bowman sexy chest hair

Hmmm. He must have shaved off his chest hair when the next image was shot because there is less hair. It is starting to grow however. [Want more celebrity chest hair?]

joshua bowman shirtless

Though we like our men to trim their chest hair for the most part. Every once in a while, we also like it when they grow ’em a little more as Josh does in this next photo:

josh bowman sexy chest hair

Josh Bowman Gay or Straight? Is Josh Bowman a friend of Dorothy? He is straight but he doesn’t mind doing some man-kissin’ if the role so requires.

In fact, here’s a video of our Josh stealing a kiss from Zane Holtz.

For those of you wondering, the above video clip is from the ABC Family drama, Make It or Break It, where Josh plays the bisexual gymnast Max Spencer. For his part, Zane plays fellow gymnast Austin Tucker.

Want a vidcap of the gay kiss between Josh/Max and Zane/Austin? Of course you do! We are more than happy to oblige:

josh bowman Zane Holtz gay kiss - make it or break it

What do the denizens of say about Josh Bowman’s sexual orientation? They say he is quite straight: “According to 380 visitors Josh Bowman is 66% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Josh Bowman is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.”

Josh Bowman Underwear Photo. Does our British actor prefer boxers or briefs? We don’t know what he likes to wear in real life. But here’s our Josh in a pair of boxer shorts from his current show, Revenge.

josh bowman boxers underwear3

Did you know that he is friends with Danny Cipriani?


Who is hotter, Josh or Danny? Before you decide, you should first go check out Danny Cipriani’s Shirtless Photos.

Josh Bowman Girlfriend. What’s Josh’s relationship status? According to the tabloids, he is dating Revenge co-star Emily Van Camp. There are rumors that he also dated singer Miley Cyrus but there’s no official word on whether they really dated or whether the rumor was just a rumor.

Other girls linked to Josh Bowman include the late Amy Winehouse and actress/singer Cassandra Scerbo.