Jordan Rodgers Shirtless Body: Gay or Girlfriend?

Jordan Rodgers Shirtless. Today in American football hunks, we bring you Jordan Rodgers. He is a former NFL football quarterback who is currently participating in the 12th season of the ABC dating show, The Bachelorette. Do you agree with our friend Kevin that Jordan shouldn’t have joined the show because he is too famous for it? Like, he’s already a legit celebrity because of his NFL bonafides — he’s been a part of the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Miami Dolphins — so why is he participating in a tacky reality show?

Anyhoo, whether he is too famous or not to be a Bachelorette contestant, we sure would not mind him on the boob tube because he is easy on the eyes.

jordan rodgers hot

We should have lots and lots of Jordan Rodgers shirtless images like this on the show, no?

jordan rodgers shirtless

How did he achieve his well-sculpted physique? Apparently, before he joined the NFL, he did some 30-day posture alignment training with Whole Body Fit and this is how he turned out:

jordan rodgers body - before and after

From Jordan had solid alignment to begin with but with 30 days and inclusion of posture work into his conditioning routine he’s ready for some football!

Here are some Jordan Rodgers shirtless photos we grabbed from his Instragram account:

jordan rodgers body

Is Jordan Rodgers Gay or Straight? Hehehe. What kind of question is that? He is participating on The Bachelorette and not The Bachelor so, of course, he is straight! However, he ain’t afraid to do be intimate with other dudes which gives us this kinda gayish image of Jordan Rodgers and a bro:

jordan rodgers gay and shirtless

Wearing blond wigs is kinda gayish too, don’t you think? Hehe.

jordan rodgers gay

Anyhoo, we wish Jordan luck on his The Bachelorette reality adventures. We want him to reach the top five but we don’t want him to win. Why you ask? Because we want him to come back in a future season of The Bachelor as The Bachelor!

Jordan Rodgers Shirtless Body: Gay or Girlfriend?. Posted 1 June 2016. Last updated: January 9, 2020 at 8:38 am.