Jonny Lee Miller Shirtless, Gay or Straight, Wife, and Net Worth

Jonny Lee Miller Shirtless, Gay or Straight, Wife, and Net Worth. Today in hot men in suits, we bring you Elementary star and our imaginary British boo Jonny Lee Miller looking so elegant and so damn shaggable in hisĀ  fabulous suit by Tom Ford.

jonny lee miller sexy suit and tie

He sure embodies that saying that a guy with a well-cut suit makes you want to see what’s under it. Right? Well, let’s see what’s under his suit, okay? Check out these Jonny Lee Miller shirtless photos:

jonny lee miller shirtless hairy chest

Now, here’s a young version of JLM. Even then, he sports the sexiest chest and body hair in Celebritylandia, no?

jonny lee miller young shirtless body

Here’s another shirtless pic featuring JLM and Ewan McGregor. It may or may not be a still photo from their upcoming Trainspotting 2 movie. We grabbed this image from Jonny’s Instagram account which you might want to follow at @jonnylmiller.

jonny lee miller shirtless in kilt - trainspotting

Jonny Lee Miller Underwear? Does he wear boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs? Well, based on the screencap from an episode of Elementary, it looks like our Jonny prefers boxer shorts.

jonny lee miller underwear boxer shorts

Jonny Lee Miller Gay or Straight? He is straight and married to wife Michelle Hicks. Moreover, he is comfortable with his straightness that he is not shy to kiss his best friend Jude Law in public.

jonny lee miller gay kiss with jude law

JLM on daddy duty with pal Jude Law and Jude’s assistant Ben Jackson. The baby, for those of you wondering, is Jonny’s son Buster Miller.

jonny lee miller daddy duty with jude law

Jonny Lee Miller with wife Michele Hicks and a now older Buster Miller.

jonny lee miller wife michele hicks

Jonny Lee Miller Net Worth. How rich is our JLM? And how much salary does he receive from Elementary? According to, our Jonny’s pay on Elementary is $100,000 per episode. We’re betting though that he got a significant raise because the show is now on its 5th season. As for his net worth, said site thinks he’s got $10 million. [Note: These figures may or may not be accurate.]

Jonny Lee Miller Marathoner? Did you know that JLM likes to run the marathon. He is very good at it too. Here’s our guy in short shorts after the London Marathon 2008 where he clocked a marathon time of 3:01:40.

jonny lee miller marathon time - nyc and london

He also ran the 2013 NYC Marathon and posted one of the best celebrity running time of 3:19.

Jonny Lee Miller Shirtless, Gay or Straight, Wife, and Net Worth
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