Jonny Drubel Shirtless: Gay Rich Kid of Beverley Hills – Boyfriend?

Jonny Drubel Shirtless: Gay Rich Kid of Beverley Hills – Boyfriend? Famewatchers, meet Jonny Drubel, your newest reality star. The first thing you should know about him is that he is from a filthy rich family which kinda makes us dislike him. The next thing you should know is that he has the hairiest chest hair we’ve ever seen on a twenty-something guy. This kinda makes us like him. The third thing you should know? That he is as gay, gay, gay as George Clooney.

jonny drubel shirtless hairy body - rich kids of hollywood

What, you ask, a gay guy who does not shave or wax? We know, right! That he is a gay dude with unruly body hair makes us like because it may mean that he is not vain or into his looks. But then again, maybe he is just lazy.

Anyhoo, Jonny Drubel will be starring in a new reality show called Rich Kids of Hollywood on the E Chanel. [Update: Oh wait, it’s actually called Rich Kids of Beverley Hills.] We don’t know if Ryan Seacrest (aka Kathy Griffin’s nemesis) is behind this but if he is, he should answer for it before St. Peter in the same way that he should answer for the Kardashian Klan that he inflicted on us.

More about the show from

In E!’s new # Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills, billionaire and millionaire 20-somethings let cameras document their lavish lifestyles, where there’s no holding back when it comes to YOLO or flaunting their wealth. Social-climber wannabes will revel in E!’s voyeuristic look into the privileged lives of this group of friends, who — as fortune would have it — were born into some of America’s wealthiest families.

Like his fellow oversharing millenials, our hairy Jonny is into posting photos of himself on Twitter (follow him at @JonnyDrubel), Instagram, and Facebook. Here are some of his pics we grabbed from his social media accounts:

jonny drubel boyfriend or not - Balthazar Gallardo - gondola ride italy

Is that cute guy his boyfriend? Nah. We are told he is single. Maybe his BFF or something.

jonny drubel underwear swimwear - boxer shorts

Jonny in shorty shorts with a galpal. Are these two going swimming? He should wear a teeny weeny Speedo bikini next time.

jonny druble no shirt - rich kids of hollywood

Jonny did an interview with where he talks about his role on the show, his boyfriend/partner preferences, and the celebrities he likes:

The Backlot: The title says it all — rich kids of Beverly Hills. How would you describe your role in this group?
Jonny Drubel: I think my role in this group is being the one everyone turns to for advice, whether that be logical advice or just advice they want to hear. Maybe advice that they need to hear too. I’m definitely that person. I guess I’m also dramatic as well. A drama queen. Good God! That’s so gay.

TB: Do you have a particular type you seek out?
JD: Well, I consider myself to be — and some don’t agree with me — a little cub. I have chest hair. I have all that going on. I guess I go for more of a bear-y look, but I don’t necessarily have a type. I do like a little bit older because I think I’m mature for an age. I’ve gone on dates with younger guys, and I find they’re very difficult because there’s not much I can talk about with them. I date older, but as long as you’re nice, I’m OK. I don’t care about the whole body thing. F*ck the whole body thing. That’s so dated.

TB: Let’s hit the harder questions: Who are your celebrity crushes?
JD: Ooh, good one. First of all, I love Drake, the rapper. I love a guy who knows what he feels. That’s very sexy. I love Robin Thicke. His voice is amazing. Do you know Michael Vartan? I see him all the time at my grocery store and I fawn. I just sit there and stare. It’s actually embarrassing. Oh, I also love Andy Cohen. He’s very sexy. Oh yeah.

TB: Interesting! He seems a bit devious to me.
JD: He intrigues me. You know what he is? He’s very funny and has that kind of knows-what-he-is thing. That confidence. He’s a swag. A swag.

We are liking what we are seeing about Jonny so far. We don’t know whether he will maintain his “likability rating” among us Famewatchers but we like the fact that a) he likes Andy Cohen and that b) he’s not actually depending on his family’s wealth.