Jonathan Roy Shirtless, Girlfriend Lydia Marzano, Hockey Singer

Jonathan Roy and Girlfriend Lydia Marzaro Are Engaged. Apparently, our favorite ex-hockey player turned singer has gotten himself engaged last year to a girl named Lydia Marzaro.

According to via Google Translate, Jonathan “asked for his sweetheart’s hand on the beach at Pismo Beach in California, where there are magnificent sunsets.” The report adds that the two have no date yet on when they are going to tie the knot.

Here’s a photo of the lovebirds, and their dog, on a road trip across Canada.

jonathan roy girlfriend wife lydia marzano

Jonathan Roy Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, Hockey Player Turned Singer (posted 4 October 2009). Quebec Ramparts goaltender Jonathan Roy may be the second baddest badass in the world of hockey — we’re presuming the title still belongs to fashionista Sean Avery — but you gotta give him props for his good taste in men’s hats.

jonathan roy shirtless

But then again, a man doesn’t have to be a fashion genius to pick the right hat, no? As long as you’re not using something like Aretha Franklin’s inaugural hat, we’re pretty sure you’ll be fine in the hat department.

UPDATE: Apparently, Jonathan Roy is now a singer. Unfortunately for him, the reviews for his music are not what you’d call encouraging. Here’s the official music video for his song, Everyday.

Not surprisingly, his non-fans are laughing at Jonathan’s attempt to be a singer. Want to read what his critics are saying about Jonathan’s song?

Here’s one Youtuber’s comments: “lol he fucks up any chance he has of becoming an NHL player so hes trying to become a canadian ricky martin? for shame”

And here’s another one: “Hope he stays on that island, and Everyday he is stuck there with his shitty music.”

But Jonathan has defenders who are loving his music. Writes one: “OMG, He rocks. To all the haters ; SHUT THE EFF UP. Hes like, so hot. and he rocks. and your all jealous. i bet your singing is like all fucked up and then your voice cracks.  And why the hell do you watch his videos and you listen to his songs if you say that hes a fag ? You guys are so lost. Jeez, haters these days.”

And here’s another fan defending their singing hockey hunk: “shut the fuuck up jonathan is just the best and ur all jeaoulus if you dont like him dont watch his videos hiis goood at musicc so shut up mann yier beau yier bonn et onn laimmee.”

That’s the way of the internet isn’t it? Some love you and some hate you and people will write what they are gonna write. Now what do we think of Jonathan’s music, you ask? Hmmm. Well, the song’s not particularly memorable (it ain’t bad, it’s just average) but we’re liking the video.

Jonathan Roy Shirtless Update (16 May 2017). Nearly eight years after we published this post, we decided to update it to bring you more Jonathan shirtlessness.

jonathan roy shirtless body

Hello there, Mr. Roy! Want more hot hockey players?

jonathan roy shirtless body2

Wazzup with the unzipped jeans? Are you so proud of your Dolce and Gabbana underwear?

jonathan roy gay or straight

The above photo is kind of gay but our Jonathan is actually straight in real life. Here’s Jonathan and his girlfriend.

jonathan roy girlfriend

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