Jonathan Anzalone SYTYCD: Shirtless Stripper Dancer

Jonathan Anzalone SYTYCD: Shirtless Stripper Dancer. Italian-American dancer Jonathan Anzalone had the funniest audition in So You Think You Can Dance. Yeah, he may be kind of arrogant as the judges said but he’s got great washboard abs. Hehe. We love him already. Go Jonathan! Keep on stripping.

jonathan anzalone sytycd shirtless stripper

More awesome shirtless fabulousness from our Jonathan after the jump. Want more hot SYTYCD alumni? Check out our post on Gev Manoukian SYTYCD.

jonathan anzalone shirtless so you think you can dance

Will he win over the SYCYCD judges with his smile? We sure hope so? But if he proves to be a really good dancer, he should sail through the competition, right? Another Jonathan Anzalone shirtless photo below. We can see why he likes to strip off his clothes. The guy is sculpted. He must be going to the gym regularly.

jonathan anzalone sytycd shirtless hot body

Jonathan Anzalone SYTYCD 15 May 2017 Update: We are updating this post to give you more Jonathan Anzalone shirtless modeling fabulousness. Damn, we know that this So You Think You Can Dance alumni can strip and dance. Well, these photos prove that he can model.

He sure can give some of those America’s Next Top Model guys a run for their money! Yes, we are talking about you you Devin!

Check out our Jonathan rocking his kilt. Some questions for those of you in the know: Is the next image taken during a runway show? Or another reality show? And is our Italian-American hunk also part Scottish or part Irish?

Our favorite Jonathan Anzalone shirtless photo is the one below. How can you not favorite his six pack? Our boy must have spent a lot of time at the gym to have a sculpted washboard abs that look like this.

Holy canoli, didn’t we say admire his six pack?

Hey look, its our Jonathan in white boxer briefs. Nice. Again, his sculpted six-pack steals the show. Hehe.

Jonathan Anzalone SYTYCD: Shirtless Stripper Dancer. Posted 23 May 2008. Updated 15 May 2017.