Johnny Sibilly Shirtless, Boyfriend, Leather Pants, Ethnicity

Johnny Sibilly Shirtless, Boyfriend, Leather Pants, Ethnicity. Let us continue blogging about the stars of the upcoming reboot of Queer as Folk and, this time, let us check out Johnny Sibilly who’s been cast to play the role of, per Deadline, “a successful lawyer who is not as put together as he seems”.

Johnny Sibilly leather pants vida red carpet

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the QAF showrunner will have him wear leather jackets in some episodes because he’s been rocking the leather look in his red carpet appearances. Want more celebrity leather pants?

Johnny Sibilly leather pants pose 2 premiere red carpet

Johnny Sibilly leather pants pose red carpet

Aside from QAF, Johnny has starred in 21 other movies and TV shows including the critically acclaimed FX drama Pose where he played the role of Billy Porter’s boyfriend. He also plays a recurring character on the HBO Max show Hacks.

Johnny Sibilly Gay in Real Life? Boyfriend? Yes, Johnny is a member of the LGBT community in real life. He came out to his parents when he was only 14 years old and, fortunately, his parents were supportive of him.

On the subject of coming out, here’s what he said about the matter in an interview with “I’d say that safety comes first. If you feel physically or emotionally unsafe in coming out then I would seek out some assistance from outside sources to possibly lessen the potential blow. Every kid knows their family’s parameters of acceptance to a certain extent. If things feel scary but safe I’d say to come up with a plan and really own that space. One thing I regret was instead of saying ‘the kids say I’m…’ I wish I would’ve said I AM GAY. Alas everyone’s journey is different. I will say a lot of the fear I had about family and friends was silly because most of them had already understood who I was before I did. You’d be really shocked who doesn’t seem like they’d be in your corner and then they show up full force.”

As to whether he has a boyfriend, he used to date Will Moraski but he mentioned in an Instagram post (follow him @johnnysibillyz) that he is single so the two must have broken up.

Johnny Sibilly boyfriend will moraski

Johnny Sibilly boyfriend partner

Recently, he was seen chillin’ with The Bachelor’s Colton Underwood (who recently came out) which gave birth to rumors that they are dating. There’s been no word from either party though so they’re just rumors.

Johnny Sibilly boyfriend colton underwood

Johnny Sibilly Ethnic Background. He is of Dominican and Cuban descent according to wikipedia.

Johnny Sibilly hot latino men

Johnny Sibilly guys with iphones

Johnny Sibilly Shirtless, Underwear, and Speedo Photos. Hot damn! If you want more pics like the ones below, go check him out on Instagram. Again, he goes by the handle @johnnysibillyz.

Johnny Sibilly speedo swimsuit

Johnny Sibilly underwear calvin klein

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