Johnny Markoudakis: Lady Gaga’s Model Boyfriend

Johnny Markoudakis: Lady Gaga’s Model Boyfriend. Hey look, Lady Gaga has got herself a boyfriend. His name is Johnny Markoudakis in case you are wondering. He is a male model. We are assuming he’s Greek or of Greek descent? Girl, we gotta admit that Lady Gaga has excellent taste in men.

Johnny Markoudakis lady gaga

Check out his swimwear photos after the jump.

Johnny Markoudakis gay or straight

Johnny Markoudakis lady gaga boyfriend

Johnny Markoudakis modeling bikini swimsuit

Johnny Markoudakis underwear model

Want more hot guys with no shirts?


Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag vs. Lady Gaga
12 March 2009

Look who just dissed Lady Gaga’s musical abilities? It’s Spencer Pratt who famously said that he must save his ears from Lady Gaga. Duhh, Spencer. At least Lady Gaga has some talent. At least she is famous for something. Unlike yourselves who are kinda famous for no reason whatever. Oh, and she’s got a smoking boyfriend too. You bet, you want to have one yourself, eh.

Lady Gaga: I Was a Stripper
15 March 2009

Guess who worked as a stripper before she hit it real big in the music industry? It’s poker faced Lady Gaga. Here’s what she told Fabulous Mag: “I was working in strip clubs when I was 18. Girls from my background weren’t meant to turn into someone like me. I come from a wealthy Italian family, went to a good school [she was at the same super-rich Manhattan Catholic girls’ school – Convent Of The Sacred Heart – as Paris Hilton]. You’re meant to live with Mom and Dad until they die. I went against all I was brought up to be; I moved out of home, wouldn’t take any help from my parents [her internet entrepreneur dad and his Lady GaGa business partner wife] and supported myself with waitressing jobs and stripping.”

She adds: “My act was pretty wild. I’d wear black leather and dance to Black Sabbath, Guns N’ Roses and Faith No More. Very rock ’n’ roll.”

Maybe Lady Gaga can join forces with Katy Perry, who recently stripped in San Remo, and the two of them do a strip tease in a real big award show like the Oscars.

Speedy: Lady Gaga’s Boyfriend?
02 May 2009

Hey, Lady Gaga, is that your boyfriend? The dude, who goes by the name Speedy, is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur who reportedly met the singer during the shooting of her Love Game music video. Lady and Speedy, sitting on a tree.

Johnny Markoudakis: Lady Gaga’s Model Boyfriend. Posted 22 February 2009.

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