John Travolta Watch: Breitling Ambassador Also Wears Rolex

John Travolta Watch: Breitling and Rolex. What do John Travolta and Leonardo di Caprio have in common? They are both Hollywood A-Listers who were spotted wearing Brietling watches. However, John Travolta is an ambassador for the Breitling brand while Leonardo is actually the ambassador for Tag Heuer. So why did Leonardo wear a Breitling watch then? Well he wore it in his movie Blood Diamond.

john travolta watch breitling ambassador

You can check out Leonardo’s Breitling Chrono Avenger. Meantime, here are awesome Breitling Navitimer ads featuring John Travolta looking very much like Tom Cruise in his Top Gun days.

breitling john travolta watch

john travolta watch is a breitling navitimer

breitling navitimer john travolta


John Travolta Watch: Breitling Chrono Avenger: John Travolta is looking like a total badass in this photo, no?

john travolta watch breitling chrono avenger

We don’t know whether the pic is from a movie or from an energy drink commercial but we do know that he’s wearing a Breitling Chrono Avenger watch which, incidentally, the same watch model worn by Leonardo di Caprio in Blood Diamond.

Let’s take a closer, more detailed look at a Breitling Chrono Avenger.

john travolta watch breitling avenger


John Travolta Watch Update: He Also Wears Rolex Datejust: Of course John also wears other brand of watches too. But to be fair with him, we think this picture was taken way before he became a Breitling ambassador so no one can accuse him of doing a Charlize Theron who wore a different brand in public despite the fact that she’s an ambassador for another.

john travolta rolex watch

John Travolta reminds us of our 5-year-old nephew who was so happy when he received a toy airplane. In the case of John however, it ain’t just a toy he’s being so happy about. The dude owns a real effin airplane and he even flies it himself. Anyhoo, because we are watch watchers here at Famewatcher, we are more interested in John Travolta’s watch which, not surprisingly is a Rolex. It’s a Rolex Datejust watch, to be more specific.

John Travolta Watch: Breitling and Rolex posted 24 August 2010. Updated 28 March 2017.