John Stones Girlfriend Scandal: Shirtless and Underwear Photos

John Stones Girlfriend Cheating Scandal. If you are famous, handsome, and loaded with money, it is very very possible that a scandal will find you. This is the case for Manchester City centre back John Stones. Our handsome footballer is facing a girlfriend cheating scandal after his alleged “other girlfriend” Jessica Peaty blabbed about their alleged romance to the press.

john stones girlfriend scandal

That’s John and girlfriend Millie Savage on the left. Meanwhile, the girl on the right is Jessica Peaty. If you believe Jessica – and she has text messages to back her – she and John spent about ten weeks romancing each other. She also claims that she reached out to Millie to inform her that John is cheating with her. Eventually, she held a press conference to make public her allegations.

John Stones Shirtless Photos. Now, we know that the John Stones girlfriend cheating allegations are salacious but we don’t know if it is true or not. What we do know is that he looks hot, hot, hot when he is shirtless. So excuse us if we are love, love, loving his shirtless photos.

john stones shirtless

He sure is sexy ain’t he? No wonder Jessica — if her story is true — was smitten with our football star.

john stones sexy shirtless hot

Here’s another John Stones shirtless photo. Can you ID the other shirtless guy?

john stones shirtless hot

John Stones Underwear. What kind of underwear does our young football millionaire wear? When it comes to style, it looks like he is a fan of briefs undies. In addition, when it comes to brand, our John seems to be a fan of Sloggi Underwear. Incidentally, our favorite rugby hunk Ben Cohen modeled men’s Sloggi underwear.

john stones underwear boxers or briefs

John Stones is So Gay!!! Hehehe. He’s not actually gay but we love this image of him kinda humping another football player. How cool is that?

john stones gay or straight

Let us end this post with our favorite John Stone photo, shall we? He is soooo …. sporty!

john stones hot pants