John JP Hilsabeck Gay or Girlfriend: Shirtless Hunky Survivor Fireman

John JP Hilsabeck Gay or Girlfriend? Shirtless Hunky Survivor Fireman. It’s that time again where we are going to ogle at some Survivor hunks. Famewatcher, meet John Paul “JP” Hilsabeck, a 28 year old firefighter from Los Angeles whose one of the castaways of the upcoming Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. He’s a hunky and good looking guy and, depending on his performance on the show, he just might steal our heart from our current imaginary Survivor boyfriend, EMT Eddie Fox aka Dog Bar Owner of Survivor Caramoan.

John JP Hilsabeck gay or girlfriend2

A photo of JP and his fireman buddies for those of you who are fans of hot guys in uniform.

John JP Hilsabeck hot fireman

We grabbed the above photo from JP’s Instagram account which you might want to follow @jphilsabeck. It is from said account where we found out that our firefighter may or may not be gay and that he may or may have not tied the knot with a fellow fireman. JP posted this photo with the hashtag #GettingMarried!

jp hilsabeck gay wedding - husband partner boyfriend or friend

JP Hilsabeck Gay Married? We say JP may or may not be gay and may or not be married because we are not sure whether he is joking when he posted the above photo. But we’re pretty sure he will eventually tell us when his show airs on CBS. Anyhoo, here are photos of JP and his fellow fireman roommate friend who may or may not be his husband.

They sure look good together, don’t they?

How cute are these two?

Aww. The pic below is our favorite photo of our fireman hunk, it reminds us of Nyle di Marco’s photo on America’s Next Top Model.

Update: According to Josh Wigler of Rob Has a Podcast and The Hollywood Reporter, JP’s Siberian husky in the pic above is named Thor. JP co-owns it with three other firefighter — Brice, Corey, and Eric. The four met and became friends at the academy.

Says JP of his husky: “He’s the perfect size. He sits in the front seat nice. Sticks his tongue out the window when you drive around, and things like that. You take him hiking. I take him pretty much everywhere I go. It works out pretty good. He’s a friendly guy. He’s friendly to other people. But for some reason, he’s kind of like that alpha male type of dog, and he doesn’t get along with other dogs. It kinda all depends on the dog.”

Update 2: Fans of Survivor Hunks in Undies, here are the JP Hilsabeck underwear photos you are looking for.

jp hilsabeck underwear - survivor hunk

He sure is rocking them blue boxer briefs, no?

jp hilsabeck bulge

Update 3: Who wants more JP Hilsabeck underwear photos? Of course you all do!

jp hilsabeck survivor underwear

jp hilsabeck sexy underwear

John JP Hilsabeck Gay or Girlfriend? Shirtless Hunky Survivor Fireman. Posted 23 September 2017.