John Harlan Kim Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

John Harlan Kim Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Who’s the hot Asian guy in open shirt posing like a male model?

His name, clueless Famewatcher, is John Harlan Kim. He is not a male model although he might have done some modeling gigs. The guy is actually an actor who was recently “promoted” as a regular on the hit Fox TV show 9-1-1.

Variety has the details: “John Harlan Kim has been upped to series regular on the upcoming fourth season of 9-1-1 at Fox, Variety has learned exclusively. Kim recurred last season as Albert Kim, the younger half-brother of firefighter Howie ‘Chimney’ Kim (Kenneth Choi). The brothers had never met until Albert surprised Chimey by showing up on his doorstep from Korea.”

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Here are more shirtlessness from John Harlan screencapped from the show:

john harlan kim body 911

Want more of John? Follow him on Instagram @johnharlankim.

john harlan kim body

john harlan kim hot body in 911

Aside from 9-1-1, the actor has 11 other acting credits to his name on IMDB. To date, probably the most prominent of his acting gigs is The Librarians on TNT where he played Ezekiel Jones, one of the lead characters . Here’s John as Ezekiel pied piping like that famous dude from Hamelin.

john harlan kim shirtless in the librarians

With The Librarians co-stars Lindy Booth and Christian Kane.

john harlan kim the librarian with lindy booth and christian kane

John as Ezekiel Jones.

john harlan kim the librarians ezekiel jones

John Harlan Kim Ethnic Background. He is Korean Australian originally from Melbourne but is currently based in Los Angeles.

john harlan kim hot

John Harlan Kim on Starting Out in Hollywood. In an interview with, the actor tells us how he started his acting career and shares some words of wisdom to those who want to become actors:

Just act — in any capacity you can. Local plays. School productions. Short films. Homemade iPhone videos. It all starts at the grassroots level. Even now when I think back on starting out as a young teenager, I was an extra over 50 times on these tiny low budget productions, I would PA on shockingly bad web series sets, I’d write some of the most basic scripts that would have Shakespeare rolling in his grave but the whole point of it was that I was getting better and for me, the only way to do that was to actually get up and do it.

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John Harlan Kim Gay or Straight? Relationship Status? We have no information on these at this point but we will update this post when we do.

For the time being, check out another shirtless photo of our Korean Aussie hunk giving us a peek at his underoos. Nice, John! But next time drop them sweatpants altogether. Joke. Joke. Want more guys in sweatpants?

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