John Galliano Underwear: Long Johns, Boxers, and Briefs

John Galliano Underwear: Vladimir Ivanov in Long Johns. This entry is specially posted for Famewatcher fans of Russian hunks as well as those who are fans of men wearing long johns underwear. If you are a fan of both sexy Russian hunks and men in long johns, then this is a two-in-one post for you.

john galliano underwear long johns

Anyhoo, do you recognize our model already? He is our current imaginary Russian boyfriend Vladimir Ivanov who we first blogged about in his navy/sailor uniform. He looks kinda silly with that thing on his head (is it a hat?) but other than that he looks great parading himself in his white John Galliano thermal underwear.

john galliano mens underwear


John Galliano Underwear: Boxers and Briefs on Tim Ruger
25 October 2010

john galliano underwear

If you like John Galliano’s long johns thermal underwear, you might also like these men’s underwear from his Fall/Winter Underwear Beachwear Collection.

By the by, if you’re like, “Who’s that awesome male model wearing John Galliano’s underwear”, he’s name is Tim Ruger. He is from the hotland of Germany.

john galliano underwear briefs

For another male model in John Galliano underwear, check out our post on the gorgeous Canadian hunk that is Simon Nessman.


Male Models in John Galliano Underwear for Spring/Summer 2012
30 October 2011

Want more sexy hunky men in John Galliano underwear? Well, check out these male models as they rule the Paris runway to showcase the designer’s underwear from his Spring/Summer 2012 Menswear Collection. Which of these would you pick for yourself or your boyfriend?

The John Galliano boxer briefs?

john galliano underwear boxer briefs

Or this loose and kinda sad-looking briefs? Yeah, this is very unsightly and un-sexy. What is the designer thinking when he made this? It looks weird.

john galliano underwear for spring summer

Maybe this shimmering boxer shorts is The One?

john galliano underwear boxers

Now unlike the loose one above, this tight briefs is kind of cool, isn’t it?

john galliano underwear tight briefs

John Galliano Underwear: Long Johns, Boxers, and Briefs. Posted 22 December 2009. Updated 1 June 2017.