John Cho Shirtless & Underwear Photos

John Cho Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Who wants some John Cho shirtless photos? Of course we all do! We want him to take off his shirt every time we are watching his newest comedy, Go On, but sadly he hasn’t done it. Yet. But he did go shirtless back in 2001 for the sitcom, Off Centre, where he played the role of a Vietnamese restaurateur.

john cho fashion style

So, let’s check out the shirtless pics, shall we?

john cho no shirt

Seems like our John hasn’t aged at all! These photos were taken nearly twelve years ago and he still looks like this, right?

john cho sexy shirtless


john cho shirtless in off center

John Cho Underwear: White Briefs. Here’s another John Cho shirtless photo which gives us an answer to the boxers or briefs question.¬† Apparently, John is a briefs man. Specifically, he likes him his tighty whitie briefs underwear. Pic is also from Off Centre.

Actually, when it comes to underwear, our John wears both briefs and boxers. In his movies anyway. Next pic below is from Harold and Kumar.

john cho underwear - boxer shorts - harold and kumar

So, when it comes to hairstyle, Cho can rock the long-hair look. But we prefer him better if his hair is shorter.

john cho hairstyle - long

Question: Does John Cho have a girlfriend? Huh! Have you been living in some cave in Afghanistan? He is very much married to ex-girlfriend and now wife, Kerri Higuchi. The couple are blessed with two children. Here’s a pic of the lovely couple. They look great together, no?

john cho wife kerri higuchi

So, what’s keeping John busy these days? Well, he’s been promoting the upcoming movie, Star Trek Into Darkness, with the rest of the Star Trek gang. Go watch it this 16 May, its scheduled release date. Kevin is really looking forward to the movie. John talks about Star Trek at the recent CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

Other John Cho projects you should support if you are a fan include the TV movie Sleepy Hollow and the comedy film That Burning Feeling which. Both films are scheduled to be released this year so you’ll see three John¬† Cho movies in a year.