John Boyega Shirtless – Girlfriend? Gay or Straight?

Some guys like John Boyega just have IT. By IT we mean hawtness. By IT we mean oozing with s*x appeal. By IT we mean a certain intangible, hard-to-characterize magnetism that draws our attention to a person.

Seriously check out John Boyega in this photo from the Hollywood Reporter. Ain’t he s*xiness personified? He also reminds us of a young Muhammad Ali. And there’s some resemblance to Denzel Washingtoon too.

john boyega hot suit2

What do some folks say about a well-tailored men’s suit being like women’s bikinis because they make you want to see more? After ogling him rocking his suit above, we sure want to see more of John. Hehe.

Sadly, for those of you looking for John Boyega shirtless photos, this is the closest thing to one you’ll see at this point. Hehe. The image is from his 2014 movie, Imperial Dreams.

john boyega shirtless - imperial dreams

We expect to see more John Boyega shirtless photos in the future if the Mike Tyson movie he is supposed to star in will push through.

Who wants to see John Boyega working out?

john boyega body workout

John Boyega looking cool in his undershirt.


John Boyega Girlfriend? Is the new Star Wars star dating anyone now? What is his relationship status? Does he have a girlfriend? There’s no mention of any girlfriend in his interviews or in any articles written about him so we are going to assume that he is single at the moment.

But feel free to ship him with his Star Wars co-star Daisy Ridley. They sure look good together.

does john boyega have a girlfriend

Or you can ship him with Imperial Dreams co-star Anika Noni Rose. They look good together too.

john boyega girlfriend or not - Anika Noni Rose - imperial dreams co-star

Is John Boyega Gay or Straight? He is straight but, interestingly, the denizens of have given him a very gay rating. Check it out:

John Boyega gaydar: According to 53 visitors John Boyega is 74% gay. The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means John Boyega has been voted highly gay.

Either our personal gaydar is off or those voters who voted that John is gay are off their rockers. Or maybe, as our friend Kevin suggests, they just want to touch John’s light saber. Hehe.

john boyega light sabre

Let’s end this post with this cover photo of John looking at his Star Wars helmet.

john boyega shirtless - star wars

That’s it for now Famewatchers. Watch out for updates as we find more John Boyega shirtless photos or as we get some information on whether he’s got a girlfriend.