Joel McHale Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Community

Joel McHale Underwear Photos in Community. Netflix brought back community on our TV screens and we must say that we are finding a new appreciation for the series. We liked it the first time around but we did not really pay a close attention to the nuances of the show and the many serious subjects it tackles. This time, when we watched it binge-style, we realized why lots of people — like our friend Kevin — is putting Community in their number one TV sitcoms.

Anyhoo, because we are partly about male celebs and their undies, here are additional images of Joel in his boxer shorts which we screencapped from the series.

joel mchale boxer shorts underwear in community

joel mchale underwear - boxer shorts in community2

We also see him rocking his boxer briefs during the Modern Warfare paintball episode where he finally bump uglies with Britta.

joel mchale underwear community boxer briefs

joel mchale underwear boxer briefs in community

Who says you can’t work out in your striped boxer briefs? Certainly not Jeff Winger.

joel mchale shirtless in underwear

Joel McHale Underwear and Shirtless Photos in Community (21 May 2017). Today in male celebrity underwear, we bring you these underwear photos of one of our favorite comics, Joel McHale. We always suspected that the host of The Soup is hiding a gorgeous body underneath his tailored suits.

Well, suspicions confirmed. Thanks to the powers-that-be of Joel’s NBC sitcom. Now, would it be too much to ask the producers of Community to always have our Joel McHale shoot scenes in his underwear. Please, please NBC, we want more scenes like these from our hunky funnyman.

joel mchale underwear

joel mchale briefs underwear

joel mchale shirtless

joel mchale body

Dress Like Joel McHale: The Skinny Tie Look (26 August 2010). You’ve seen Joel McHale’s underwear, now let’s check out the funny guy and his favorite tie: the skinny tie. So if you are wondering whether skinny ties are still in fashion, the answer is a very big yes. Why, you ask? Because Joel McHale wears them.

joel mchale fashion style

If Joel wears them then they must be “in” style, is our rule here at Famewatcher.

Damn! This man is lethal: he’s cute and funny and very shaggable. No wonder a lot of you are googling “Joel McHale underwear”.

Joel McHale Denim Fashion Watch (18 July 2009). For those of you who are wondering whether one of our favorite comic/TV host Joel McHale is gay, maybe this photo of him going all happy in his dark blue denim jeans will give us the answer?


In an earlier post, we said that Joel is definitely not ghey because he is not into body waxing which, according to our friend Kevin, is all the rage in the ghey community these days. But then some of you commented that ghey dudes actually leave their chest hair untrimmed and that not all ghey guys are having their chest hair waxed or shaved or whatever hair removal methods they do to get rid of unwanted hair.

So maybe Joel is, you know, a friend of Dorothy after all?

Nah, it’s unlikely coz he’s got a wife and a kid. Still, its not hard to imagine him as one. After all, look at him in the above photo going all ghey for our benefit. We wonder if his frenemy Ryan Seacrest is man enough to pull off something like that. Anyways, Joel apparently has a “big gay following” according to this interview with Popwrap:

You also have a huge ghey following. Do you chock that up to Rainbow Bright?
Joel: How can Rainbow Bright generate a ghey following? That seems shocking! Hmm, what do I think of my huge gay following? I did a lot of musicals in high school, I shop at International Male, I drive a Subaru. All I have to say is, I am glad they like me because they’re the richest group in America – and the cleanest. Thank God for them, they are powerful! I would like to be a maid in the Ghey Mafia. I’m looking to have a huge bisexual following actually!

Hehe. Go, Joel McHale!

More Joel McHale Underwear Photos. This update is for those of you who are looking for more Joel McHale underwear photos. He’s really a boxers kind of guy, isn’t he?

But he likes him his boxer briefs too.

joel mchale squarecut boxers

Will we ever see him wear a pair of skimpy briefs? Unlikely.

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