Joel McHale Shirtless – Washboard Abs – Jeans and Leather Pants

Want More Joel McHale Shirtless? Our friend Kevin wants more shirtless photos of Joel McHale so we decided to update this post to give him what he is looking for. Famewatchers, check out a shirtless Joel on the set of his now defunct TV show Community:

joel mchale shirtless

Also from Community, here’s a shirtless Joel hanging upside down in his underwear:

joel mchale shirtless in underwear

One of our favorite Joel shirtless image ever aka The One Where He Wears Leather Pants. [Related: Joel McHale Hair Transplant.]

joel mchale shirtless in leather pants

And, here’s the most interesting Joel McHale shirtless image ever. Right?

joel mchale shirtless underwear 2017

After Community, our Joel has a new TV gig. He currently stars on the CBS sitcom The Great Indoors. Here are some shirtless caps of our guy from said show courtesy of

joel mchale shirtless in towel - great indoors

Who wants to play with his two big balls? Haha.

joel mchale shirtless 2017


Joel McHale Shirtless in Jeans (20 September 2009). Hey look, its one of our favorite comics Joel McHale wearing cowboy jeans. This must be from a movie or TV role. Or maybe from one of his stand-up acts. For a man known more for his comedic talent, Joel sure has a nice body. More workouts in the gym and he’s gonna be what Tyra would call “modelesque”.

joel mchale shirtless in jeans

Anyhoo, Joe’s latest TV project, Community (on NBC) is getting good reviews. Let’s hope good ratings will follow.

Want More Joel McHale in Jeans
29 July 2011

So what brand of jeans does our funny man wear, you ask? Hmmm, apparently, Joel McHale loves him his Levis Jeans. In particular, he loves him his Levis Capital E Hesher Jeans which you can see him wearing in the following photos.

joel mchale jeans

Joel with Gillian Jacobs and Allison Brie. Get off our man, ladies! Watchu doing trying to steal our Joel from us? Oops, Gillian and Allison are actually his co-stars in Community.

joel mchale fashion

Now, those who of you who are like, “Sure Joel is cute and kinda shaggable but we are more interested in cowboys in jeans!” should not fret because here are some hot muscle cowboys rocking their denim trousers. Hotter than hot, huh? Which of these two cowboy hunks do you like better?

cowboy in jeans

cowboy jeans

Our friend Deena is wondering about that leather thing that the cowboy dude is wearing over his jeans. What is it? And what exactly is it for?

Ton answer your questions, Deena, that leather thing is called chaps. Some call it chinks. What is it for? According to wikipedia, it is used to “protect the rider’s legs while on horseback, especially riding through heavy brush or during rough work with livestock.”

So there you go. You didn’t think you’d learn about chaps and chinks while reading a celebrity fashion blog, didn’t you?

Post updated 6 February 2017.