Joe Dempsie Gay or Girlfriend? Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Joe Dempsie Gay or Straight? Is Games of Thrones actor Joe Dempsie gay or is he straight? Well, a few years ago, Nicholas Hoult stated in an interview that he dated Joe for about four months but that they broke up because Joe was abusive.

So Nick’s story is a definitive proof that Joe is gay, right? Unfortunately, not! Nick clarified later that he was joking when he made the statement. Apparently, he was bored with the questions so he decided to spice things up by making up stories that would grab showbiz headlines. Mission accomplished. There’s nothing spicier than a story about young male actors dating each other, no?

Check out the interview:

Here’s Nick explaining himself and the “fracas” he started in an interview with Lawrence Ferber of the Windy City Times:

LF: In 2008 you told a British “celebrity gossip” Web site that you had a four-month, abusive gay relationship with Skins co-star Joseph Dempsie, and everyone seemed to take it, and want to take it, seriously despite the fact your claim seemed rather insincere. So what’s the story behind that fracas, and how did Joseph respond?

NICHOLAS HOULT: I just decided I was bored with doing press, to be honest, so I made things up occasionally. Yeah, I did get a message from Joe saying, “Thanks a lot,” because some people believed it. It’s quite amusing. There’s loads of things that aren’t true [ that I said ] that maybe people believe.

LF: I think a lot of people wanted to believe you’re gay, though.

NICHOLAS HOULT: Maybe. I don’t know. It’s very flattering if they do.

But let’s get back to Joe Dempsie. Here’s how our friends at scored Joe Dempsie’s gayness or straightness:

Joseph Dempsie gaydar: According to 114 visitors Joseph Dempsie is 68% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Joseph Dempsie is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

Joe Dempsie Girlfriend. So, if he is straight, is our Joe dating anyone at the moment? What’s his relationship status? Does he have a girlfriend?

We don’t know if he has a girlfriend now but he dated actress Larissa Wilson according to dating history website, Meanwhile, according to the internets (such as, Joe also dated his Skins co-star Hannah Murray.

Joe Dempsie Shirtless Photos. Here are the shirtless photos some of you are looking for.

Joe Dempsie shirtless - game of thrones2

Joe as the blacksmith Gendry in Games of Thrones. He may be unwashed and grimy but we’d still hit that. Won’t you?

Joe Dempsie shirtless - the fades

Joe goes shirtless on an episode of the BBC supernatural drama, The Fades.

Joe Dempsie underwear - even stillness play - pic by richard davenport

He’s stripped to his boxer briefs underwear in the 2013 stage play, Even Stillness Breathes Softly Against A Brick Wall. Photo credit: Richard Davenport.

Joe Dempsie underwear - even stillness play2

Another still photo of Joe from Even Stillness.

Joe Dempsie sexy

Whether he is clothes-free or not, our Joe Dempsie looks effable as hell, no?