Joe Cox College Football Quarterback: Georgia Bulldogs Uniform

Joe Cox College Football Quarterback: Georgia Bulldogs Uniform. If you are a fan of American football quarterbacks and athletes in their uniform, then we are pretty sure that you will appreciate this photo profile of Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Joe Cox.

Seriously, what’s not to like in this photo? A star football athlete? Check! A cute redhead? Check! A tight uniform that leaves little to the imagination? Check! A name that rhymes with you know what? Check!

joe cox college football quarterback

Oh, and he’s got tons of awards too. Here’s the list of the recognitions he received according to wikipedia:

  • Walter Camp National Offensive Player of the Week honors (9/20/09)
  • SEC Offensive Player of the Week honors (9/21/09)
  •’s Quarterback Performance of the Week honors(9/20/09)
  • Coffee County Hustle Award (2009)
  • SEC Academic Honor Roll and Director’s Honor Roll (Fall 2008)
  • Sporting News College Football Player of the Week (2006)
  • SEC Freshman of the Week (2006 win over Colorado)
  • Outstanding Offensive Scout Team Player Award (2005)

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UPDATE: Sadly, despite his achievements which we listed above, our Joe Cox was undrafted during the 2010 NFL draft. Why? It’s most likely because of his size.

Here’s what the Sports Illustrated’s draft analysis for the Georgia quarterback: “Cox has limited playing experience on the college level, yet he did an admirable job last season when he stepped behind center on a full-time basis. He possesses solid quarterback intangibles, yet his size is a limiting factor, and as a result, Cox will be nothing more then a third signal caller at the next level.”

Apparently, 6’1″ isn’t tall enough to be a quarterback in the NFL aka The Land of Giants. The consolation for Joe is that there appears to be no problem with his size when it comes to the thing that matters to all men (and women). Right?

Joe Cox College Football Quarterback: Georgia Bulldogs Uniform. Posted 20 April 2010.