Joaquin Niemann Shirtless, Girlfriend, Titles, Sponsors

Joaquin Niemann Shirtless, Girlfriend, Titles, Sponsors. Aside from Xander Shauffele, another young golfer who has managed to establish himself as a contender in the world of golf is Chilean pro Joaquín Niemann who is currently ranked at number 29 in the Official World Golf Ranking.

Like Xander, Joaquin also won the Greenbrier Classic (2019) which is his first PGA Tour title to date and which earned him a cool 1,350,000 in US dollahs (to quote RuPaul). To date, the 22 year old athlete has banked a total of $7,811,376 in prize money and, given his young age, expect that amount to go double, triple, quadruple, etc, etc in the coming years.

Anyhoo, here’s Joaquin after his Greenbrier victory:

Joaquin Niemann golf champion at the greenbrier trophy

Joaquin flying the Chilean flag. Yay for representation!

Joaquin Niemann chile golf champ

Joaquin Niemann Girlfriend. He is dating Christina Hellema Puga who, according to the Golf News Net, is studying architecture at the Universidad de Desarrollo in Chile. Here’s a shirtless Joaquin enjoying a day at the beach with his girl.

Joaquin Niemann girlfriend Christina Hellema Puga

Joaquin and Christina attending an event. By the way, we grabbed these photos from the golfer’s Instagram page which you might want to follow @joaco_niemann.

Joaquin Niemann wife or girlfriend

Joaquin Niemann Sponsors. Joaquin has sponsorship deals with Adidas and Ping, a sports equipment brand which focuses on making golf clubs and golf bags.

Joaquin Niemann golf pants - first open

Here’s the golfer chilling with his Ping equipment and Adidas apparel.

Joaquin Niemann sponsors - ping equipment

Here’s what Joaquin said when he signed up with Ping: “Ping has a great reputation and I like being associated with them because their technology allows me to play my best golf. I have so much confidence in Ping, and their people who’ve supported me are like family. They know my game really well and can make the necessary adjustments to get the most out of every round I play. Having the backing of Ping means everything.”

Joaquin Niemann hot golfers

And here’s why he decided to sign up with Adidas: “Adidas works with the top players in the world, it’s the biggest brand in Chile, and I wanted to be a part of that. I look down at my shirt and see the Adidas logo and I feel really proud to be wearing it. I could also tell the difference immediately – everything, from head-to-toe, is beautiful and I just feel better swinging the club.”

Joaquin Niemann sponsors adidas and avocado


Joaquin Niemann shirtless body

Joaquin Niemann Parents and Ethnic Background. He is from Chile which would make him Chilean and Latino. His mother is Pamela Zenteno while his dad is Jorge Niemann. In an interview with, he reveals that he comes from an athletic family as his father played basketball in college while his mom was a member of the Chile field hockey national team.

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