Joaquin Ferreira – Club de Cuervos – Gay or Girlfriend? Underwear Photos

Are you looking for a Latino boyfriend? Well, check out Argentine hunk Joaquin Ferreira! He’s starring in the Netflix show, Club de Cuervos, and he’s breaking the internets because of the size of his “club”.

Anyhoo, here are some things you should know about this gorgeous Latino hunk:

1. He plays a football player on Netflix. He’s also a football and rugby player in real life.

Joaquín Ferreira shirtless body - club de cuervos

2. He loves animals. Check him out hugging this dog. He also has photos of cats in his Instagram account (follow him @soyjoaquinferreira).

Joaquín Ferreira loves dogs

3. Aside from acting, his other artistic pursuits include painting. Let’s check him out doing some artistic stuff.

Joaquín Ferreira painter

Like the other photos in this post, we grabbed the above image from his Instagram account. It was posted with the following message: “Inspirado en mi viejo @soygervasioferreira #MiArteEnTodasPartes #art #pintura #artist #Argentina”.

Question to our Spanish Famewatchers: Does “inspirado en mi viejo” mean “inspired by my old man”? At least that’s what Google Translate suggests it means.

4. He is a good roommate. He cleans the toilet in his boxers underwear. And, oh, he makes a good superhero too!

Joaquín Ferreira ropa interior - boxer shorts

From his Instagram account: “Uno de tus roomies se ha echado una caca fuerte?… Pues que esperas para llamar a Popo’s man!” According to Google Translate the message means: “One of your roomies has taken a strong poop? … So you expect to call Popo’s man!”

5. He is the hottest carpenter in town. Seriously, if we are a nail, we would love to be banged by his hammer. Hehehe.

Joaquín Ferreira shirtless carpenter

6. He’s got a nose ring! Is he the first mainstream celebrity to sport a nose ring? Try as we might, we can’t think of any other nosering-wearing celeb.

Joaquín Ferreira nose ring

Oh wait, we just noticed that he’s got a n*pple ring too. Our Joaquin is obviously a fan of body piercing.

7. Joaquin Ferreira Gay or Straight? Does he have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Now these are the questions that we would like to know the answers to. Unfortunately, we don’t know the answer for now. Sorry. If you happen to know, do tell in the comments.


8. He looks good in his underwear. Check out these Joaquin Ferreira rocking his briefs underwear:


That’s it for now, fellow Famewatchers!