Jimmy Tatro Gay or Girlfriend and Shirtless Photos

Jimmy Tatro Gay or Girlfriend and Shirtless Photos. We mentioned in our earlier post that our friend Deena has found an imaginary nerdy beau in the person of Tyler Alvarez, well we also found a new imaginary beau. As it happens, our imaginary TV boyfriend comes from the same show as Tyler. ┬áHe ain’t a nerd though. In fact, he is more of a frat boy. Famewatchers, say hello to Jimmy Tatro, the star of American Vandal which — considering the buzz its been receiving since its release — is turning out to be the latest hit on Netflix.

Jimmy Tatro sexy hot

Want more Jimmy Tatro shirtless photos? Of course you do. We grabbed these images from the actor’s social media accounts. Follow him on Instagram (@jimprov) or Twitter (@jimmytatro).

Jimmy Tatro shirtless

Seems like “raised hands” is our beau’s go to pose when he is being photographed, no?

Jimmy Tatro body

Jimmy Tatro Gay or Girlfriend? Is the American Vandal star gay or straight? He is straight but he appears to be supportive of teh gays as you can see in the Twitter post below:

jimmy tatro gay or straight

Does Jimmy have a girlfriend? What is his dating status? Well, we do not know whether he is currently seeing someone but he was in a relationship with actress Emily Osment. Here’s a photo of the ex-couple back when they were dating.

jimmy tatro girlfriend emily osment

Too bad they broke up because they sure look good together. Now, for those of you wondering why we picked Jimmy as our imaginary American Vandal beau — rather than say the studlier Sean Carrigan — the answer is the next photo below. Yup, the fact that Jimmy got to meet Joe the Biden is what sealed the deal. Hehe. We love, love, love us our Joe Biden. And we’re happy to note that our imaginary beau loves the ex-VP too.

jimmy tatro joe biden

Let us end this post with more Jimmy Tatro shirtless pics, shall we?

Jimmy Tatro shirtless frat boy

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