Jimmy Kimmel Shirtless Dad Bod and Underwear Photo

Jimmy Kimmy Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Today in male celebrity underwear, we bring you late night TV host and his boxer briefs underwear. Too bad this ain’t more revealing, no?

jimmy kimmel underwear boxer briefs

This is one of the few instances where Ellen Degeneres failed in her quest to make straight guys strip to their underwear. But at least this indicates to us that our Jimmy is a boxer briefs kind of guy.

Anyhoo, since we can’t find any more Jimmy Kimmel underwear photos, we decided to make a collection of some Jimmy Kimmel shirtless photos. We begin, of course, with his saucy shirtless pics. You know, the one where he shares the shower with The Bachelor Chris Soules. It is very, very gay. But no one is complaining. Hehe.

As it happens, Jimmy Kimmel is a bit of a fan of sharing a shower with hot guys. Before his shower stunt with Chris Soules, he kinda did the same thing with Lost actor Matthew Fox. It is not as gay but it is pretty gay nonetheless.

Our TV daddy goes to the beach without his shirt. Yay!

jimmy kimmel shirtless sexy dad bod

For the most recent Jimmy Kimmel shirtless photos, let us check out the next two images which we “borrowed” from the Daily Mail. The papz snapped these pics while our funny TV host went on a vacation to Hawaii.

jimmy kimel shirtless dad bod

Our Jimmy removes his shirt and reveals a shaggable dad bod. Do you agree with our friend Deena that dad bods is the best body type in the world? Deena is the kind of girl who does not appreciate gym bods (she days its unnatural and vain). Neither does she like twinkie bodies. But she loves her her dad bods so long as the love handles are not very “handly”.

jimmy kimmel dad bod hot

Bonus Jimmy Kimmel underwear photo. However this features his sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez who went mano-a-mano with boxing great Manny Pacquiao.

guillermo rodriguez underwear - jimmy kimmel sidekick