Jewish Hunks With Washboard Abs: Male Models Matan Shalev and Avi Dar

Jewish Hunks With Washboard Abs: Male Models Matan Shalev and Avi Dar. Want to see the sights of gay Israel? Sorry, we can’t bring you there so let’s focus instead on the beautiful sight that is Avi Dar.


Damn, isn’t he cute? And them washboard abs of his? Super hawt. But is he hunkier than the other Jewish hunk we earlier called our internet boyfriend, Dror Barak?


Matan Shalev. Does Israeli male model Matan Shalev have the bestest six pack muscles in all Israel? Or should we give the title to Israeli lawyer and model Dudi Balsar. Take your pick friends, who between Matan and Dudi have the more awesome abs?


And who between the two of them looks better in their white underwear?


Actually, as regards whose got the better underwear, we’re afraid that we much chose Dudi the lawyer but this is because we’ve got a closer look at him in his undies. Want more men from Israel? Or would you rather check out these men with six pack abs?

UPDATE: Some of you are looking for Matan Shalev’s filmography or a list of the movies he performed it. Unfortunately he doesn’t have any IMDB profile yet which typically provides this kind of information.

But here’s what we compiled from the information we found across the interwebs. This may not be 100% accurate (Men of Israel, Feet Extreme, Revenge, Israeli Auditions, and Obsession with French-German actor Wilfried Knight).

That’s it for now. Maybe you know of some Matan Shalev movies not included here? Do tell us in the comments section.

TRIVIA: This trivia has nothing to do with Matan but it might interest you to know that Wilfried Knight apparently has a law degree but still likes to do “movies”. He reminds us of British lawyer Steve Hooper who also does “modeling” stuff. Can we come to the conclusion that “modeling” can be more lucrative than lawyering? Maybe for some people and under some circumstances, no?

UPDATE: Oops, we just found out that our Matan does have an IMDB page which lists other movies he appeared in particularly L*st and Auditions: Big Shots. Want some more information about this Israeli dude? Here you go:

He was born on 13 December 1980 so he’s now 29 years old. He stands at 5 ft and 11 inches and weighs 185 lbs. Aside from acting and modeling, he’s also a chef and is a nutrition and health consultant. He likes going to the gym and hanging out with friends. His favorite food? He says he likes Italian food so he obviously likes spaghetti and pasta.