Jessica Simpson Style Watch: Miniskirt, Animal Print, Military Uniform

Jessica Simpson Style Watch: Miniskirt, Plaid, Military Uniform. It wasn’t too long ago that Jessica Simpson was the hottest girl on earth. Unfortunately, she got herself involved in a relationship with that cad of a footballer — aka Tony “poses like a girl” Romo — and allowed herself to, shall we say, deteriorate?

jessica simson style watch military uniform

Let’s hope Jessica gets her grove back and kick Tony’s sorry ass and save Candice Crawford from a future unceremonious Tony Romo dumping.

jessica simpson military uniform

Want more hot military girls in uniform? Or would you rather check out Jessica’s fashion statements below:

Jessica Simpson Style Watch: Plaid and Mini (posted 29 December 2009). Want to dress like Jessica Simpson? Well, all you gotta do is copy her style in these photos. Okay, okay, this may not be Jessica’s finest fashion hour but you gotta admit that she still kinda looks alright. And the beauty of it all is the fact that this look is “achievable” for ordinary folks like us.

jessica simpson style watch miniskirt

jessica simpson style watch boots

jessica simpson style watch boots and mini

Jessica Simpson Style Watch: Fab Sunglasses (posted 25 January 2010). Want to dress like Jessica Simpson? The girl caught a lot of criticism last year for wearing mom jeans. We think those criticisms are just silly but Jessica is in the public eye so the brickbats that came her way were not unexpected. That’s one of the prices you have to pay when you are a celebrity.

jessica simpson style watch sunglasses
jessica simpson style watch eyewear

Anyhoo, we must say that it appears like Jessica learned learned her lesson because she always looks chic and well put together. It also looks like she loves that brown handbag of hers and them sunglasses. Way to go, Jessica!

Jessica Simpson Style Watch Update: Rocking Her Animal Print. When she was expecting, our Jessica wore this Roberto Cavalli Trinidad print dress. Looks good, no? We are concerned though about the pumps — by YSL — she’s wearing. According to our mom, preggy girls should wear no high heels or pumps.

jessica simpson style watch maternity dress

Our Jessica looks so happy wearing her leopard print get-up during a red carpet appearance.

jessica simpson style watch leopard print

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