Jeremy Walker Underwear Model in Diesel, Armani, Andrew Christian

Jeremy Walker Underwear Model in Diesel, Armani, Andrew Christian. Jeremy Walker is a muscled male model who likes to pose in his underwear. Well, actually, we actually saw photos of this sexy guy posing with nothing at all but we’re not gonna them here because we’re all about famous men in their underwear.

Unfortunately, for those of you who want to know more about this muscled hunk, we can’t find any information about him. For instance, what is his nationality? We say he’s American or Brit but Deena says he’s from Greece because he’s got the body of a Greek god. How tall is he? Where did he get his muscled body? What’s his workout routine like? And, the most important question of them all, does he prefer boxers or briefs? Or maybe he’s a long johns thermal kind of man. Did he ever wear jockstraps.

jeremy walker shirtless

Anyhoo, those are the kind of information we want to know when we are besotted with a guy like we are with Jeremy Walker. You might be going, “Hahaha. You are besotted with a male model you saw in the internetz! How pathetic is that?” Well, go ahead and laugh but, come on now, its hard to not be infatuated with a guy who looks so boyishly cute but who’s got them well defined hard muscles.

jeremy walker shirtless

Seriously, have you ever seen a man who combines both cute boyishness and muscled hunkiness? The cute guys we often see are the nerdy waif types (see Zac Efron) while the muscle hunks tend to be Hercules (see Arnold Schwarziesomething) so its a treat when someone in the mold of Jeremy Walker comes along and combines both cuteness and hunkiness.

Anyhoo, let’s check out Jeremy and his various underwear. Here’s our guy wearing a white Diesel underwear.

jeremy walker underwear model

jeremy walker underwear hunk

Jeremy in a pair of skimpy briefs by Emporio Armani.

jeremy walker underwear model emporio armani

Jeremy in Andrew Christian underwear. Jeremy is one of the guys who has no need for Andrew Christian’s enhanced pushup underwear, no?

jeremy walker underwear model andrew christian briefs

And, let’s end this post, with Jeremy showing off his bulging biceps to his “coach” and a guy who’s dressed like he’s a trainer.

jeremy walker biceps

P.S: Here’s an awesome photo of Jeremy looking gorgeous in his jockstrap.

jeremy walker jockstrap

Jeremy Walker Underwear Model in Diesel, Armani, Andrew Christian. Posted 28 March 2009.