Jeremy Renner Shirtless, Young, Girlfriend, Awards

Jeremy Renner Shirtless, Young, Girlfriend, Awards. Apparently, although we’ve been writing some stuff about Jeremy Renner, we really haven’t added some pics of him sans any shirt. So, for the thirsty Famewatchers among us, here are some shirtless photos of the talented actor.

jeremy renner gay in dahmer

Did you know that he played Jeffrey Dahmer? The above screencap is from the 2002 movie Dahmer where he played the serial killer. This earned him an acting nomination from the Independent Spirit Award and placed him on the map as a very good up-and-coming actor. Here are more photos of Jeremy when he was younger:

jeremy renner hot tank top

jeremy renner young

The next pic below is from the TV show, Push, where he was supposed to play the lead gymnast but his role was recast because network executives think he looked too young for the part.

jeremy renner young and hot

Here’s one of the show writers, Mark B. Perry, sharing what went down: “To make an already long story short-ish, I couldn’t fire him myself. Ken rose to that unpleasant task. An actor himself, he knew how to communicate the bad news to a fellow thespian and so he did most of the talking when we called our shining young Olympian into the producers’ trailer at lunch time. Me? I’m not ashamed to admit that I stood in the corner and quietly wept as we were forced to crush the soul of this talented young man. To his credit, he handled it with incredible dignity and maturity, and in his grace, won my lifelong admiration.”

For his part, years later, Jeremy had this to say about what happened (via his Twitter page): “TBT the day I got fired not because I didn’t perform, or was terrible at my job or was late. I [was] fired cause I looked young? A tough pill to swallow then, but it forged a belief and cemented a feverish desire to discover clarity of intention in my life.”

All’s well that end well, don’t you think, fellow Famewatchers? He persevered despite the setback and he’s now one of the A-Listers in Hollywood headlining blockbuster movies while starring as a superhero in the Marvel Universe.

jeremy renner hawkeye avengers

Jeremy Renner Awards. He’s been nominated for the Oscars twice (lead role for The Hurt Locker and supporting role for The Town) but he still has to bring home the “nekkid man” trophy. To date, he has received several awards — a total of 52 according to wikipedia — from various critics and award-giving bodies. Probably, his biggest acting trophy would be from the Screen Actors Guild as part of the ensemble of the 2014 movie American Hustle. Here’s the actor at the SAG Awards with his fellow award-winning co-stars.

jeremy renner awards - sag for american hustle

Want more shirtless photos of our Jeremy? Of course you do! We have screencaps of him in his underoos too!

jeremy renner shirtless body

jeremy renner shirtless

jeremy renner hot

jeremy renner underwear boxer briefs2

jeremy renner underwear boxer briefs

Jeremy Renner Gay or Straight? He is straight and he’s going to have a baby with an ex-girlfriend too! And who is this ex-girlfriend/baby mama that lots of you are now wondering about? The Daily Mail, quoting a report from the National Enquirer, identified her as a 22-year old model and aspiring actress from Canada. Her name is Sonni Pacheco.

sonni pacheco jeremy renner baby mama

How did the two become an item? The exes reportedly met on the set of Jeremy’s blockbuster movie Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol where she was a stand-in which, according to wikipedia, ” is a person who substitutes for the actor before filming, for technical purposes such as lighting.”

A stand-in is different from a body-double who appear on camera usually from behind or when they are doing stunts for principal actors. Because they do not appear on camera, a stand-in need not look like the actor but, in the words of wiki, “they must have the same skin tone, hair colour, height and build as the actor so that the lighting in a scene will be set up correctly”.

Since they reportedly met on the set of Mission Impossible, we won’t be surprised if Sonni served as a stand-in for Paula Patton who is seen below with Jeremy, Tom Cruise, and Simon Pegg.

jeremy renner with Sonni Pacheco in mission impossible

According to reports, Sonni, baby daddy Jeremy, and his longtime friend Griffin Hadley are reportedly living together in Jeremy’s home in Hollywood. So, it’s gonna be Sonni Pacheco Jeremy Renner sittin’ on a tree with Griffin and the baby? Well, good for all of them!

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