Jeremy Renner Rolex, RayBan, and Dolce Gabbana Suit

Jeremy Renner Fashion Style: Dolce Gabbana, Rolex, and Leather Jacket. Want more celebrity leather jackets? Here’s actor Jeremy Renner who’s just been nominated as Best Actor in the Academy Awards for his role in The Hurt Locker. The odds of him winning are not in his favor but maybe he can pull off an upset, no? By the by, does Jeremy look a little bit like Elijah Woods in these photos?

Want more male celebrity leather jackets ? But first let’s check out these Jeremy Renner outfits, shall we?

The Hurt Locker star goes formal and rocks his Dolce and Gabbana suit.

In other red carpet events, Jeremy opted for a classy tuxedo suit which nicely matches his The Town co-star Jon Hamm’s outfit. Both hunky hunks are wearing a Jaeger LeCoultre watch although Jeremy’s is a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Duoface Watch while Jon’s is a Jaeger LeCoultre Grande Reverso 976.

From a formally-dressed Jeremy, let’s now move on to casual Jeremy. That’s a sexy denim shirt which adds to this guy’s intriguing appeal, no? By intriguing, we mean he’s not some good looking Hollywood star but we’d still want to do the dirty with him. Hehe. In case you are wondering, that necklace on our Oscar-nominated actor is from a jewelry company called Pyrrha.

Another pic of Jeremy and his Pyrrha necklace.

If you watched last year’s Oscar-nominated bank heist movie, The Town (directed by Ben Affleck who’s really proving himself as a director-to-watch), you would have seen Jeremy in this Puma Agile Track jacket. [Want more celebrities wearing Puma?]

We’re not sure if this pic is also from The Town but that wristwatch he’s wearing is a Rolex Day Date President.

Do you think Jeremy’s project should be an MiB agent in Men in Black? With a long coat (sadly not black) and a RayBan sunglasses, he kinda looks the part of an MiB agent.

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