Jeremy Edwards Shirtless, Underwear, Cosmo Mag Photo

Jeremy Edwards Shirtless. Let’s continue blogging about them British hunks who are brave enough to pose for the Everyman male prostate cancer awareness campaign, Cosmopolitan Magazine’s attempt to encourage men to get themselves checked for prostate, testicular, and other kinds of cancer. Famewatchers, meet actor/TV presenter Jeremy Edwards stripping for male cancer awareness.

jeremy edwards cosmo magazine2

Sorry, we had to crop out the “nether region” because it might raise the blood pressure of our grandma. Hehe. We don’t want to be the one responsible for her going bye bye.

Jeremy Edwards Weight Loss: Before and After Photos. Now, the Cosmo pic ain’t the only Jeremy Edwards shirtless photo out there. Apparently, our Jeremy participated in a six-week Men’s Magazine Washboard Abs challenge. As you can see, it worked fabulously for him.

On the left is Jeremy before the challenge with his love handles and all. On the right is our hunky Jeremy with a six pack washboard abs to die for.

jeremy edwards shirtless - before and after washboard abs challenge

Jeremy Edwards Underwear: Does He Prefer Boxers or Briefs? Based on the photos below, you can say that the Hollyoaks star likes him his boxers rather than skimpy briefs. [Note: Sorry, we have to move Jeremy’s underwear photos because they are too revealing for this site. Hehe. Check ’em out here: Jeremy Edwards Cosmo Magazine Photos].

We’re not 100% sure but we think these pics are from Celebrity Big Brother. Here’s another, better, photo of Jeremy Edwards in his boxer briefs undies. [Want more male celebrity underwear?]

A few years ago, the Daily Mail (as it is wont to do) created a mountain out of a molehill when it published these photos of Jeremy doing some manual work. Jeremy, according to Daily Mail, “will be left red-faced after he was seen working as a labourer this weekend”.

Oh come on now, Daily Mail people! What’s so embarrassing about manual work? Did we say much ado about nothing?

Asked to comment on the fact that he was spotted pushing a wheel barrow, here’s what Jeremy says:

“I don’t see the shame in manual labour. I don’t know any actors who work consistently without other work. There’s a lucky few, but not many. I had a good 10-year run.”

We agree with him 110%!

Is Jeremy Edwards Gay or Straight. He is straight and married to wife Lydia Metz since 2009. However, he does not mind playing gay roles like when he co-starred in the 2009 movie Mr. Right. Moreover, this pic of Jeremy and Will Mellor is kind of gay, no?

jeremy edwards gay with will mellor

In conclusion, let’s end this post with more Jeremy Edwards shirtless photos which were taken years ago when he was just a “youngling”.

jeremy edwards shirtless - young model

But wait, there’s more! Here’s a young Jeremy as Kurt Benson in Hollyoaks.

jeremy edwards shirtless as kurt benson in hollyoaks

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