Jeremiah Brent Shirtless, Husband, Say I Do on Netflix

Jeremiah Brent Shirtless, Husband, Say I Do on Netflix. We’ve already blogged about Jeremiah Brent when he tied the knot with husband Nate Berkus but it’s time to blog about him again because he — along with pals Thai Nguyen and Gabriele Bertaccini — is going around the country organizing weddings for people on the Netflix show Say I Do.

If you are a fan of wedding reality shows, you should really check it out because its a heartwarming show. However, as it usually happens with these kinds of shows, you should have some hankies or tissue papers beside you because boy is there a lot of crying in this show with Jeremiah leading the charge which is why we dubbed him The Crying One.

Anyhoo, here’s Jeremiah talking about the show (via “I feel like every other minute of that show I’m crying. I was crying basically just for three months straight. I was so emotional, ’cause (the couples) were so vulnerable and so honest and they really trusted us in so many different ways. I was a mess, that’s for sure.”

You sure were, Jeremiah, you sure were. But there’s nothing wrong with your crying. In fact, we find it touching and kinda cute.

Jeremiah Brent Shirtless Photos. As some of you already know, we are all about shirtless celebrities here on Famewatcher so we went looking for shirtless photos of the designer/reality star and we were not disappointed. In fact we published some of these before but there ain’t anything wrong if we publish it here again, no?

jeremiah brent shirtless gay hunk

In bed with husband Nate Berkus:

jeremiah brent shirtless - nate berkus husband

Awww! How cute are these two together!

jeremiah brent shirtless

Can he pull off the shirtless cowboy look? We’re pretty sure he can. If he does while riding a horse at the same time, we’d include him to our list of Shirtless Guys Riding Horses.

jeremiah brent body

A younger Jeremiah:

jeremiah brent younger

Damn. He’s got impressive guns.

jeremiah brent model2

Jeremiah Brent Shirtless, Husband, Say I Do on Netflix.