Jenson Button Speedo Hunk, Shirtless Photos, and Girlfriend 2017 Update

Jenson Button Speedo Hunk, Shirtless Photos, and Girlfriend 2017 Update. He may be on some kind of a sabbatical from Formula One but Jenson Button hasn’t disappeared from the headlines. In fact, ridiculous tabloid that is the Daily Mail published a kinda wordy story which is mainly about Jenson wearing a pair of Speedos. Hehe.

jenson button speedo

We are, of course, sillier than the Mail so we are writing this blog post to comment on the Jenson Button Speedo game which, we must say, is pretty good. However, when it comes to male celebrity Speedo, we still have to find anyone who can beat the photo of the Speedo-clad Calvin Harris hanging out in the park with his Speedo buddies. If you missed what we are talking about, go check out the following post: Calvin Harris Gay or Straight?

Anyhoo, here’s another photo of Jenson Button rocking his briefs-style Speedo swimsuit.

male celebrity speedo jenson button

And here is, for obvious reasons, our favorite Speedo pic of the Formula One champ.

male celebrity speedo 2017 jenson button

So, now that he is on leave from racing cars, what’s Jenson been doing to pass his days away? Apparently, he’s been competing in Ironman events. Not surprising, no? Once a competitive athlete, always a competitive athlete. Anyhoo, Jenson was on track to qualifying for the Ironman Triathlon championship this year but was disqualified for speeding. He tells us in an Instagram post he shared with his followers:

Well that was a pretty interesting 70.3 Ironman! Swim went well then I jumped on my awesome new bike to find that I hadn’t charged the battery for the gears so I was stuck in the toughest gear with 900meters of climbing ran a 1hr23min off the bike which I was pretty happy with, finished 3rd in age group so qualified for the World champs only to be disqualified for speeding in a go slow zone. Ah well onto the next one!

Well, there’s always a next year, Jenson!

For those of you wondering, yes, Jenson is still dating girlfriend Brittny Ward. Here’s a pic of the happy lovebirds.

jenson button girlfriend brittny ward

Let us end this post with one of our favorite photos of the F1 champ.

jenson button shirtless photo

Oh wait, here’s another photo of Jenson as a triathlete.

jenson button ironman triathlete

Jenson Button Speedo Hunk, Shirtless Photos, and Girlfriend 2017 Update. Posted 16 October 2017.