Jenson Button Girlfriend – Brittny Ward – Gay for David and Shirtless Photos

Jenson Button Girlfriend. While we were not looking, Jenson Button — one of the highest paid Formula One Drivers in the world — has got himself a new girlfriend. The lucky girl is named Brittny Ward and, according to reports, Jenson’s WAG is a model.

Anyhoo, here are some photos of Jenson and his gal.

jenson button girlfriend brittny ward

Now the above pic does not do justice to our Jenson because it makes him looks old for some reason. Seriously, the pic makes him look like way older than her which is kinda not fair because there’s just a ten-year gap between them. For those of you who are wondering, Jenson is 36 years old while Brittny is 26.

Anyhoo, here’s another photo of our Formula One hunk and his girlfriend.

jenson button brittny ward girlfriend 2016-2017

So, fellow Famewatchers, what do you think of this Jenson Button girlfriend. Do you agree with our friend Kevin that Brittny sorta, kinda resembles his ex-wife Jessica Michibata?

Jenson Button Gay for David Coulthard. Now, Jenson may be as straight as an arrow but he is not immune to going gay for someone hotter than him. We’re joking of course but our Jenson did go kissy kissy with David Coulthard when the latter retired from racing back in 2008.

jenson button gay for david coulthard

Youngsters (aka millenials), this is how you should pay respect to your elders! Hehe.

Jenson Button Shirtless Photos. We’ve already published some Jenson Button shirtless pics before but it ain’t hurtin’ anyone if we recycle them, right? This is our favorite because it shows us that our Jenson is competitive beyond car driving.

jenson button shirtless photo

Here’s another one. Kinda dramatic, huh?

jenson button shirtless formula one

Now, let’s end this post with some of our racer’s modeling photos. Now, is he giving off a Derek Zoolander vibe in the next photo below? Will Tyra Banks approve or disapprove of his stance? Haha.

jenson button model

Shall we end this post with a wet (but kinda hot) photo of Jenson?

jenson button model fashion