Jennifer Lopez Shoes: Christian Louboutin Footwear

Jennifer Lopez Shoes: Christian Louboutin Footwear. What? We are doing two Jennifer Lopez posts in one day? Well, why not? She’s a superstar, isn’t she? Anyhoo, this time we’re blogging about Jen’s frilly Christian Louboutin shoes which kind of matches her frilly dress. Maybe it’s the way she is posing, but we are not loving her outfit here. Her dress, sorry to say, looks like a garbage bag. What do you think? She’s got awesome earrings though which is lovely.

jennifer lopez shoes christian louboutin

Check out our earlier post on Jennifer Lopez’s underwear if you haven’t read it already.

Jennifer Lopez recovers from her fashion sin of wearing a garbage bag with this fabulous figure-hugging Herve Lever Beaded Dress. Very stylish. Very fashionista. Very elegant. This is the Jennifer we know not the disaster above. What’s that awesome knee-length boot she’s wearing? That’s a Daniele boot also by Hervé Léger.

jennifer lopez shoes herve leger leather boots

Ugg boots are so like 1990s but if you’re J-Lo, you can get away with wearing them in the 21st century.

jennifer lopez shoes classic ugg boots

Now, if you are like our friend Deena, you’d be asking “What kind of shoes does J-Lo wear when she’s dancing?” Well, our Latina beauty loves her her Christian Louboutin so much that she wears them on the dance floor.

jennifer lopez shoes dancing

It’s like she’s tempting the gods to make her fall and land on her world-famous derrière which is what happened last year when she fell during her performance at the American Music Awards.

To be fair to J-Lo though, she was actually wearing a flat Louboutins shoes at that time and not the dangerous 10-inch heels that Christian Louboutin famously designs.

When she’s not wearing high-heeled shoes which are likely to give her bunions, J-Lo goes for a casual Lanvin Leather Ballerina Flats like the one she’s wearing in the pic below.

jennifer lopez shoes lanvin ballerina flat shoes

She obviously loves her her Lanvin; here’s the Hollywood A-Lister in a Lanvin Ballet Flat Shoes.

The Jennifer Lopez shoe collection also includes Havaiana flip-flops. Havaianas are way overpriced but there’s no question that they’re the best thing to wear at the beach.

jennifer lopez shoes havaiana flip-flops

Jennifer Lopez Shoes: Christian Louboutin Footwear. Posted 23 January 2010. Updated 2 June 2017.