Jennifer Lopez Maternity Dress: The Back-up Plan – A Pea in the Pod

Jennifer Lopez Maternity Dress: The Back-up Plan – A Pea in the Pod. Want more celebrity maternity dresses? Of course you do! So let’s check out more of them, shall we? This time, however, this is more of a movie maternity dress and not one worn by the celeb IRL.

If you watched Jennifer Lopez in The Back Up Plan then you would have seen her maternity dress. Now, if you went, “Hey I like her dress! Where can I buy one for myself?” then we are here to tell you that this particular outfit is called A Pea in the Pod which you can buy from the ABS Collection.

Here’s JLo and her A Pea in the Pod.

Jennifer Lopez maternity dress in backup plan A Pea in the Pod

J-Lo is like, “Huh?”

Jennifer Lopez Backup Plan A Pea in the Pod Maternity Dress

J-Lo in her Pea in the Pod maternity dress.

jennifer lopez pregnancy dress in backup plan is A Pea in the Pod

So what do you think of this dress? Is it stylish enough for you? We go with our friend Deena who sez, “If it’s good enough for J-Lo in a movie, then its stylish enough for us.”

jennifer lopez maternity backup plan pea in a pod

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Jennifer Lopez’s Fashion Style: Armani Prive at the Red Carpet (01 October 2010). Let’s continue our postings on red carpet dresses. Here’s Latina beauty Jennifer Lopez in her Armani Prive dress. Too bad we don’t have a back photo of JLo in this dress to see whether it emphasized the singer’s most famous asset: her curvy behind.

jennifer lopez dress armani prive

Emilio Pucci Dress 2011: Jennifer Lopez Fashion Style (16 February 2011). We saw her in her A Pea in a Pod maternity dress. We also saw her wearing a girlie bootcut jeans. Now, let’s check out new American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez in her Emilio Pucci dress.

What do you think of her outfit? This is the time for you to judge the judge.

Jennifer with husband Marc Anthony at the 2011 Grammy Awards.

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UPDATE: Too bad J-Lo and Marc Anthony are divorcing each other. They look so happy in their Grammy photos but, apparently, there’s something hidden behind their smiles. Not all is well in J-LoLand so they decided to part ways. Kind of sad.

But J-Lo is having a second coming in her career after she signed up as a judge for American Idol. Her exposure to the most watched show in America undoubtedly helped her get back in the music biz.

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