Jennifer Lopez Dress: Best Style Over the Years?

Jennifer Lopez Dress Style Over the Years. You’ve already seen superstar Jennifer Lopez’s bootcut jeans.  Now, let’s check out her sense of style when in comes to the dresses she wears.

But, wait, first tell us what you think of her 80s style jean short shorts. Kinda badass, huh?

jean shorts jennifer lopez

So, let’s focus on the Latina beauty’s dress style over time, shall we? First of all, we gotta start with her psychedelic dress. According to rumors back when JLo wore this, people got dizzy when they looked at her because of her dress’s “phychedelicness”. Okay, we gotta admit that we actually made up said rumor. Hehe.


Next in our list of the best Jennifer Lopez dress is this metalic number she rocked at the Grammy red carpet. If you are wondering, this fab dress is designed by Emilio Pucci.

jennifer lopez dress - short and metalic

When it comes to maternity wear, our JLo loves her her Pea in the Pod Maternity Dress. Oh wait, this one’s actually from her movie, The Backup Plan. We are not sure if she loves Pea in the Pod in real life.

jennifer lopez dress

Let’s have another JLo red carpet dress. It’s a leopard maxi. We don’t know the designer but if you happen to know, do tell us who made it in the comments.


Of course, we can’t made a list of Jennifer Lopez dress collection without including a wedding gown. Here’s the one she wore when she tied the knot with Ojani Noa. If you’re, like, who dat guy? Follow the link to his name.

jennifer lopez wedding dress

Finally, let us end our listing of JLo dresses with this Armani Prive dress. She wore it to the Oscar Awards but would you agree with Deena that this outfit could pass for a wedding gown? With a little modification, of course.

jennifer lopez dress armani

So which of the above is your favorite Jennifer Lopez dress?