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Jeff Probst Young, Wife, Awards. Because Grandma Akita has directed us to include celebrity awards in our posts, we are updating this write-up to note that our Jeffrey has won five Primetime Emmy Awards. Specifically, as the host of Survior, he won the Outstanding Host For A Reality Or Reality (Competition Program) four times from 2008 up to 2011. Earlier, in 2001, he won his very first Emmy for Outstanding Non-Fiction Program (Special Class).

jeff probst awards - emmys

Now, we’re pretty sure that people who know about Jeff’s Primetime Emmys are less familiar of the fact that he’s won awards for screenwriting and directing. Per IMDB, he directed the 2003 movie Finders’ Fee (which starred a young Ryan Reynolds) which earned him a best screenplay award at the Methodfest Film Festival and which brought home the best film award at the Seattle International Film Festival. Those are pretty cool achievements, if you ask us, and it that the TV host had a promising career in film making.

jeff probst awards finders fee - best screenplay and best film

Young Jeff Probst Yearbook Photos. His dimples are just as prominent when he was younger, no?

jeff probst young dimples - year book2

And here’s Jeffy cruising the streets of New York City for a 1990s advertisement.

jeff probst young - advert

We mentioned in our post below that Jeff is married to actress Lisa Ann Russell but we did not include a photo of our lovebirds, consider that mistake corrected.

jeff probst wife lisa ann russell

Jeff Probst Underwear and Shirtless Photos (20 November 2016). We blogged about the Survivor host (see Men in the Shower and Hot Older Men) but, for some reason, we never published a post solely about him.

Well, it’s better late than never. Famewatchers, let’s talk about Jeff Probst and his fabulous jungle shirts, shall we? First off, we gotta say that our Jeff looks like he is not aging at all. Here’s our TV host from during the earlier seasons of Survivor.

jeff probst young - then and now

jeff probst younger

A recent photo of Jeff during a red carpet event last February 2016.

jeff probst wearing suit

What’s his secret for looking young after all these years. The guy is 55 years old but he looks like he’s freakin’ 40. He might have signed a deal with the devil, huh?

Jeff Probst Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? Now, here are the Jeff Probst underwear pics that some of you are looking for. Turns out the Survivor daddy is a boxer briefs kind of guy. No surprise there really — he’s the kind of guy who plays it safe. No briefs underwear photos for him (because they can be risque) but he’s no boring boxer shorts guy either.

Anyhoo, these pics are from his guest appearances on Two and a Half Men. Now, we don’t remember him hooking up with Lindsay on the show? Did he or are these behind the scene photos?

jeff probst underwear in two and a half men2

jeff probst underwear in two and a half men

Jeff is having fun with Jon Cryer. Now that’s an odd-looking underwear our Jeff is wearing. Looks like cycling shorts that he rolled up, no? Anyhoo, sorry we had to censor the photos because of the Survivor host’s prominent you know what. If you’ve seen his pics in his birthday suit, you’d know he’s gifted in the downstairs department.

jeff probst washboard abs

jeff probst underwear

Jeff Probst Gay or Straight? Well our friends at have voted him to be super-gay (75%) but our Jeffie is actually as straight as they come.

In real life, Jeff is very much married to Lisa Ann Russell so that means the above voters are wrong about him. It is understandable though because our TV daddy is known for being vocal about his mancrushes on Survivor. Here are some of Jeff’s mancrushes.

jeff probst gay survivor mancrushes

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